Saturday, December 31, 2005

Big Foot

While I was pregnant, a shoe salesperson helped me realize that the problem with my golf shoes (toes crashing into the front, soreness in the side of my foot) was because my foot was wider than my shoe. I chalked this up to the fact that Nikes are made for ladies with skinny Barbie feet because I had a similar problem with Nike running shoes.

Apparently, the problem is not the skinny Barbie foot shoes - my feet are just wide. I bought new running shoes this summer (also wides) but I thought it was just a pregnant thing. NOPE. The marvelous Brooks shoes that I love are no good for me in the regular size anymore. Thankfully, the Fleet Feet ( keeps wides in stock. I love them - so nice there.

Lest you think that this foot thing is all in my imagination or that my feet are just fat, my friend Natalie, the ultra svelte marathoner has the same problem with her running shoes. Who knew?

On the upside, I got to run this morning (2.8 miles around the block) and it was delightful. Doug put Toto's "Eye of the Tiger" on my i-pod, AND "All About the Benjamins" - gotta love that man.

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Grey said...

You need to mention this store to Michelle.