Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Easy Peasy

So, one of the guests at our party on Sunday asked for pepper for his soup, which caused me to remember that I had forgotten to do any salt/pepper seasoning at all after the intial measure. Especially with soups, this is essential - so I forgot, and this nice guy (John) took care of it for me. Then, it was time to eat while Dagny was nursing. So, my girlfriends found the tray with the kid food in the fridge and set the kids around the little tables and got them started. By the time I even remembered the kid food, the first wave of kids was done eating.

Another time, we had folks over and I had made pot stickers. Pot stickers are not difficult, but they are a lot of work and you don't want them to dry out before cooking. So, I put them in the fridge covered with a damp towel to stay cool and not dry out. Unfortunately, the towel was too wet and the dumpling material turned to mushy goo. As I freaked out and said "fuck" over and over, a nice guy (Mark) handed me an apple martini and said that it would be fine. Then, after Mark insisted I drink some of the martini and my outlook improved, another guest (Tina) arrived and suggested that we bake the dumplings. We did and they were fine, just a bit ugly.

You gotta love the folks that can find the beer/wine/whatever and don't mind lending a hand when you are out (of hands, of sorts, of your mind). It's nice to find friends who are easy that way.


Dogwood Girl said...

That's fine for you and all, but I prefer to come to your house and have you wait on me.

Steph Bachman said...

Pleased to wait on you, but you have to be ready to say "sure, it's fine" when I screw something up! : )