Friday, December 30, 2005

The Gold-Plated Dog

Annie, our chocolate lab, has skin allergies. We've been to the pet allergist, administered shots, given her steroids, tried new foods, doped her up with Benadryl, but eventually she just gets itchy again. So, this month I tried a new food - made just for skin problems. No dice. Now, Annie is itchy on her face and chest (instead of her tummy and bottom) and has scratched herself so much that she is bleeding and infected.

So, after a delightful visit to the vet today (with both kids), we got a shot of steroids, antibiotics, eye ointment and extra-special prescription food. On the way to Mexican tonight (it is Friday, you know), we have to stop and get more Benadryl, benzoyl peroxide wash and pads for her face, chin, chest and ears. You are SO JEALOUS.

This poor dog is miserable, but the vet is making a killing off of us. So much so that they made me baby blankets (four of them) when Dagny was born. I'm glad that they are so nice, but I could really use all of this dough on something else.

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