Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Evil Cookies

Corinne gave me cookies and a lovely Santa plate for Christmas this weekend. Unfortunately, the cookies are possessed by the devil so that they keep jumping into my mouth whenever I walk by the kitchen. It is totally unfair to give delicious baked goods to someone struggling to lose their pregnancy weight.

In the unpossessed photos shown above: Dagny is wearing the lovely poncho Corinne knitted for her, and Annika is having a tea party with Dogarita on Christmas morning. Please note that Dogarita is wearing the pajamas Santa brought her and that both ladies have their napkins in their laps - HA!

While I was typing this post, Annika brought me Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head to reattach their bottoms (the hatch to the secret storage place). She said, "dere bottoms don stay on dere any mo". Having just typed this, I noticed that it does not adequately convey the cuteness of Annika. Maybe you will just have to take my word for it.


Dogwood Girl said...

Cute poncho. And don't forget to tell Annika that I have the secret keys to managing the curly hair when she turns thirteen, everyone start wearing very straight bobs, and she starts throwing a hairbrush at you guys and crying and screaming about how she hates you and the genes that gave her that mess of hair. Which, in hindsight, I can say is adorable.

Steph Bachman said...

I love the curls. I always wanted to have curly hair - and had the crappy perms to prove it!

You can go ahead and tell me the secret now - I won't spill the beans. : )

corinne said...

Yes, I gave you those cookies solely with the purpose of making you fat, Stephanie. I figure if everyone else around me gets fatter, no one will notice the 3 lbs I put on during my last trip. And the additional 2 lbs that came from eating about 1/2 of the peppermint fudge before I handed it out to everyone for Xmas.... mmmm..fudge.