Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm the Devil

I don't know if it is a mood or hormones or the weather or lack of sleep or depression or the devil, but I am really battling the negativity lately. There was an article in "The Georgia Bulletin" yesterday which blamed it on the Devil, so who really knows? Now that we are officially back "in" with the Church, I get the Bulletin again. It had some interesting articles, though, including the Devil one, but the good part was the ads for schools with listings of their open house days.

Whatever the problem is, I'm finding it very difficult to get or stay in a decent mood. Doug and Annika left this morning for Disney World with Doug's mom. They called to check in (see why I like this man?) and are having a super time. I decided it would suck to be at Disney and/or a hotel room with a nursing infant who wakes twice during the night to eat and I still think that, but now I'm feeling sorry for myself because I'm missing out. In addition, I spent a good bit of the night (not much sleeping going on) angry because Doug didn't take the Christmas tree back upstairs like I asked him to last week. Does the Christmas tree really matter? Who cares if it sits in the den another week? But noooo - I just couldn't let it go. Luckily I have learned enough about my crappy moods to keep my mouth shut until the feeling passed instead of picking a fight about it. Of course, before I let the feeling pass, I had to take it upstairs my damn self instead of sleeping or leaving for the birthday party I was supposed to visit. Stupid.

Maybe some endorphins would help. After we finish our obligations tomorrow, maybe Dagny and I can go for a walk/run. I think that would improve my mood greatly. In the meantime, I'm going to continue my cleaning out the pantry project. Did you know that we have 3 jars of honey? Me neither.

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Dogwood Girl said...

I think we sound similar. The devil is getting to me also. I think part of it is the 'after Christmas slumps." Hang in there. We will get through this.