Monday, January 30, 2006

Stealth Soreness

I was supposed to run in a race on Saturday. However, my illustrious running buddy was ill, then Doug had to borrow my car for work so I was just going to run in the neighborhood but I overslept. Curses.

Undaunted (well, maybe a little daunted), I unearthed the exercise videos and spent 40 minutes with my pal Billy. I sweated, but not so much and was frankly a little disappointed in the workout experience. Be patient grasshopper! The stealth workout caused so much soreness that I couldn't move yesterday, and I'm only marginally better today. Now I can be disappointed not in my workout video, but in the fact that I was in good enough shape to do this workout without soreness while I was 7 months pregnant but not now.

In other news, Dagny was baptized yesterday so she won't go to Limbo. She was a good girl and only cried a little. I'll post photos soon.

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Nat said...

I think nursing makes you more sore than when not from exercise.I say blame it on the nursing hormones--not out of shapeness.
PS Are you doing the race on 2/11? I am.