Monday, January 23, 2006

Dagny Dagny Dagny

Last week, when the knitting ladies came for dinner, Dagny laughed at Corinne - OUT LOUD! What a glorious, musical sound! I was nearly speechless with wonder but then Doug came around the corner and said "She laughed? She's been doing that for about a week now." Apparently, I'm just not as funny as Corinne and Doug.

On Thursday, we busted out the parenting books to see when Dr. Spock and the others thought it would be time for Dagny to sleep through the night. Of course the books said that she should have been doing it already. So, Doug had a talk with Dagny on Thursday and a pep talk with me about letting her complain because she doesn't need to get up and voila! - she slept from 9pm-7:30am. She did the same on Friday and was only up at 1am with a messy diaper on Saturday. Last night we had our first actual "crying it out" incident. She complained for about 30 minutes and then went to sleep. Doug held my hand the whole time. She never started screaming the "I'm hungry, damnit!" cry or the "Where is the freaking boob?" cry, so maybe she really wasn't hungry. I went in to check on her after a few minutes and she had scooted up so that her head was near the end of the crib but was sleeping peacefully. Then, when she did wake up hungry at 4am (which is totally OK with me - it's the 1-2am that I can't stand), she had scooted whole body to the end of the crib and turned sideways. One minute they can't move a bit and then next minute they are scooting all over the crib! It won't be long now until she rolls over.


Camille said...

Good for you! I should have started that CIO stuff a lot earlier. I justified feeding Julianne because she was sick, and I felt too guilty. Sounds like you're on your way to some peaceful nights!

Dorothy Gould said...

Hi Stephanie,

I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and hearing about your family. I remember buying beer for Doug and Mike one time when another brother and I were visiting them in Athens. We went to some river and drank...can't imagine that now! I am very impressed with Dagny sleeping thru the night, she is just 2 weeks older then our Michael and Emily, and they are nowhere near it. Emily does go 5 hrs at a time at night, but her brother is still the 3 hour man. Their big sister did it at 10 weeks, so i was spoiled by her. I guess every sib is different. Take Care, Dorothy