Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gross Dog Story

This story is gross. You have been warned.

So, Doug and I went out for a fun evening on Saturday to the Hsu's dine-around with a group of our buddies. We visited Silk, Hsu's and Pacific Rim. The food was delicious and we met some neat folks and I had a great time despite being the designated driver. There was much pre-date prep to do (during which I burned the skin off of my bikini area, but that is another story), but I was dressed, primped and ready to go when Doug left to pick up our babysitter. I went around the house laying out jammies, turning on movies and picking dinner items . . . until I got to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, I discovered that Annie had pooped all over the floor. Apparently she had some kind of distress and walked during her pooping so there was poop everywhere. SIGH. I grabbed a roll of paper towels and the Clorox wipes and got busy. After I picked up the first (and biggest) pile of poop, I noticed what appeared to be a booger in it. That is not unusual for Annie, but then I noticed that the booger was moving - verrrrrryyy slooooowwwwwly, but moving. Shudder - that's right folks, tapeworm.

Imagine my joy to realize that the dog has been dropping tapeworm segments for who knows how long (maybe not too long since they allegedly examined her poop at the vet on Tuesday) and Dagny has been crawling all over the floor putting anything and everything in her mouth. UGH! And the vet was closed - not to reopen until Monday! Plus, the cleaning up of the poop, the disinfecting and the mopping. By the time Doug got home, I was sweaty and had to return upstairs to de-stink. Horrible.

Annie has had her medicine now, and is hopefully worm-free. Luckily I am up-close-and-personal with Dagny's poop a lot so I will know if she has any worms on board so we can kill them.

In other news, I have recovered enough from my knee injury to run uphill so I've been doing the loop running uphill and walking downhill (40 minutes, approx 12.5 minute miles). My half marathon training is all shot to heck, but at least I can run SOME of the way. I'm going to the running shoe store today with my birthday coupon to see if some new shoes will help me.


Dorothy Gould said...

As a mother of crawling, mouthing infants, I can understand your horror! Yikes! I hope her meds work and Dagny is spared the worm.

Kelly Joyce Neff said...

=) Thank you Steph, for your posting at Fioretta about legal matters. You are very kind!

I hadn't thought of Catholic charities! (I work at the Archdiocese and I know the Finance director at CC/CYO!)
Bless you!
Pax et Bonum,