Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Whole New Era

So, Dagny might be going to school (mother's morning out) next week. I have to ask them some questions about it at the open house this week and we may have to wait until after Christmas, but that will be fine. I had thought that she was too young because she still naps twice a day.

Well, I was wrong. Yesterday, Dagny skipped her afternoon nap and possibly also her morning nap and was FINE. She chirped at us and played with her toys on the kitchen floor while we made dinner and was perfectly happy until she got hungry. She put all of the toys into a box, shutting the lid in between each addition and then took them all out and began again.

Today, I skipped the morning nap in favor of a trip to Camille's pool. My theory was that if we were going to skip a nap, it was better to skip the morning one. We were in the car during prime napping time, but Dagny didn't sleep. She got a bit tired at the pool and promptly crashed in her carseat when we left at 1:30, but that was at 1:30 and after swimming. Right now, she is playing on the floor next to me (I brought the box down here - she is putting Annika's paper dolls inside) after having only slept for 2 hours. It's hard to believe that she is already becoming a little person, old enough to play independently and go to "school". Amazing.

Sorry, no photos - Doug has the camera in his car so I've not taken any pictures since the sticker incident.


Dorothy Gould said...

Wow! I am impressed with Miss Dagny. We are still at two naps as well, I live for them. Our school has a MMO for 12-18 ms, it is just one day a week, but I wasn't considering it due to the nap situation as well. I am interested in seeing how Dagny does. What a nice break for you that would be.:)

Dorothy Gould said...

Ok, What is the parenting motto? Never say never. As soon as I wrote that comment about my kids always having two naps, they decide to prove me wrong....amazing! They slept this morning from 9:30-12:30, and that was it for the day. I put them down about 3:15 b/c they were cranky. They played in their cribs for about 40 minutes and that was it. Dagny may have started a trend, we'll have to see.