Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where Oh Where Have My Endorphins Gone?

This morning, after we ate our breakfasts and got dressed and did some laundry and I cleaned up where Annika's pull-up leaked AGAIN, the girls and I headed out the door on the way to the vet. Unfortunately, Annie chose that moment to chase the non-waving jogger down the street. Then, as I chased her with Dagny on my hip and Annika took a break to pick mushrooms in the yard, Annie proceeded to take a large poop in the neighbors' yard.

We aren't really friends with this neighbor. I think she means well and the family is pleasant enough to our faces. However, while Doug was building our house, she called the city a lot to complain about us so we don't hang out with them. Anyway, I had to go and retrieve the poop - even more than I would have if it had been any other neighbor. Luckily, our newspaper comes in a bag - very convenient for the poops. I left my phone and the newspaper in the driveway and ventured across the street to get the poop. At this point, Annie refused to come to me and instead chased another walker down the street - she did stay in the yard, though.

I did the best I could to scoop the poop into the bag with my non-Dagny arm and keep it out of Dagny's reach. Unfortunately, the pile of poop was larger than our newspaper bag so I got most of it on, if not in, the bag and carried it home to get a new bag. My shouted instructions to Annika to help me by getting a new bag amounted to dust in the wind - the woman walking by at that point just smiled knowingly. Armed with the second bag, Dagny and I headed BACK to the scene of the crime in time to see Annie harrassing yet another walker with his two dogs. He laughed at us, but kept moving and luckily Annie was too intent on peeing all over the yard to follow them. Crisis averted.

I managed to clean up the rest of the poops and the mushrooms, Annika claimed to have washed her hands with soap and we headed to the vet - sweaty and makeup-less. Now we are back home for Dagny's nap and I have made the executive decision that we are going out for lunch - like that will be easier. . .

Maybe my knee will feel good enough to walk tomorrow so I can get in a better mood.

In other news, have you ever noticed that Jafar (the bad guy from "Aladdin") looks a lot like Prince? And also that Captain Hook (from "Peter Pan") does too? Except that they look bad in a bad way and Prince, well, you know.

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