Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hollaback, Girl!

This morning, only one of the people I met on my run responded to my wave and cheerful "Good Morning." I suspect (it was dark because of the clouds this morning) that the non-waver was the woman who never waves and runs as if she were in severe discomfort. I wrote this woman off as an unfriendly person several months ago because she won't ever wave or respond to me. However, apparently the woman does wave - to Doug!

Add this anecdote to my experiences of this weekend. I got to run two days because Natalie, Camille, Lissa and I were on the girls' weekend in Hilton Head. Needless to say, I was jubilant on my run - the road was flat, I wasn't having bottom issues, I had unlimited time and my tunes were good. So, I waved, smiled and said good morning to anyone I met on the path. Without exception, every male person smiled and waved or said hello back. Women, even if they were in the company of their smiling spouse and kid, acknowledged with only a wave or grunt - no smiling. I started to notice this pattern and made it a point to make eye contact with everyone to test the theory - same thing, except for a few other running women who appeared to be having as much fun as me.

What is up with the women? Maybe they are intimidated? I can't believe that because although I don't wear much clothing to run because more clothes equal more chafing, (1) I have no boobs, (2) I flatten what miniboobs there are with a compression bra, (3) my tummy has housed two babies so it jiggles and hangs over my waistband more than I care to admit, (4) I have no makeup on, and (5) I sweat like a pig.

Are women just unfriendly to each other - why? Why NOT smile and wish everyone good morning?

By the way, that last 23:06 around the loop - that's a post child #2 record (not a world record, but still). : )


Kat or Mike said...

The smile/wave and return are a huge cultural marker. We gauge countries/cities with it all the time. Though we don't have a car anymore I was always adamant that people return the nod and/or wave when you let them in or something polite. I used to think it was a Southern thing but we get a pretty cool reception in the 'country' parts here and warmer greetings in the big cities oddly enough. we'll have to do some gender slanted research...

Dogwood Girl said...

I totally think that yes, women are that rude to each other. This is the reason that I have had way more male friends over the years than female friends - men don't go in for all that bullshit, backstabbing crap. Only in the last ten years or so have i found that the women I know have dispensed with the bull and become down-to-earth and friendly. I think that goes for myself, too. And it is even more so for those that have kids = it is a great leveller.

Interesting point by kat and mike - i just wrote an atlanta metblogs post about the wave (or lack thereof), and although I didn't blame Yankees (apologies to the Maiers) for the rudeness, in the back of my head, i did assume that those who didn't give a nod or wave were Northerners. Huh.