Saturday, July 01, 2006


So, I've not let this information slip before, but I used to be in the band. No, not a band, THE BAND - the marching band in high school. It was very illuminating and ridiculously time-consuming but also a great community. I quit after sophomore year because I thought that I would be cool instead of in-the-band. Why mess with fate? It's my destiny to be un-cool.

Anyway, Annika has displayed an interest in the marching band because they practice outside the high school in the fall and we see them when we drive by. Last year we watched a few practices and Jen and I took her to see the Battle of the Bands at the GA Dome. We had hoped that it would be the "march off" of the black college bands (like in the movie "Drumline"), but it was just a "play off". Still - it was great fun and good family entertainment. Those bands rocked the house - too bad we didn't get to stay for the finale, which was the drum-off. The trash-talking was hilarious!

My friend Lotzie called this week to say that the Drum Corps International southeastern region championships will be at the Dome next month. If it fits in the calendar, a bunch of us are going. I'm also going to be on the lookout for the black college march-off because that would be so great.

Oh, and there is a band curse. In addition to the heavy wear on the outer edge of my shoes (from the glide-stepping), I must get in step to all music - even while running. So, if you see my on my jog and I'm skipping and hopping, just know that I'm trying to get the downbeat on the right foot.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, We grew up 1/4 mile from our H.S in NJ, and my earliest fall memories are getting dressed for school while listening to the band practice. I wasn't a "bandie", but I did make Choir and we got to travel with the band to some competitions. I can apprecitate your "un-coolness"!

Dogwood Girl said...

In case you didn't know, I married a band geek from Alabama. Sousaphone, no less. Not even remotely cool. . . love him anyway, though.

Anna said...

My husband was in high school and college bands -- drum line. He doesn't play anymore, but he still remember all the trips and practices. Band is huge where we are, thanks to football of course!