Monday, July 10, 2006

Race Training

So, I signed up for a race - a LONG race but not the big one. I started training this week after the Peachtree and ran 6 miles on Sunday. I thought that it would be tough and grueling but the weather was nice and cool and I didn't need extra water or anything. Doug said that he was not surprised - he knew I could do it. Gotta love that guy. I wasn't very fast but that is because I made the mistake of eating (very delicious) steak for dinner on Saturday. Steak + running far = great discomfort. And my new running book says that I should be running at 2 minutes slower than my 10K pace which works out to about 10 minute miles, which is about how fast I was, including the walking..

Dagny learned to crawl last week. She is fast! She is trying to pull up on everything and doesn't like to be confined. It's a whole new world over here. And, she can say "woof". It sounds like "ffff" but if you ask her "what does the dog say?", she says "ffff".

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Dorothy Gould said...

I am very excited for you for your half marathon, what a sense of accomplishment you will feel afterward. In 1995 (back in my single days!) I went from the P'tree to the Atlanta Half, it was fun training and the run itself was great. Alas, that was the end of my running career though, guess I got burned out. We have crawling going on here too, and I am also amazed at how fast they zip around. Sophie is now on the lookout for small objects on the floor, much different from when the first child crawls! Just think, walking is next...yikes!