Sunday, July 02, 2006

Three Times a Lady

Annika and I had our hair cut on Wednesday. She had her hair washed in the sink instead of just sprayed wet in the chair. She told me ahead of time that this was the plan - she's a big girl now.

So, armed with the new haircut and styling knowledge, I blow-dried my hair for work on Thursday and Friday and again yesterday to go to the party at my parents' house. Three times? That is equal to the number of times I've blow-dried since Annika was born (in 2003). Maybe, just maybe I can make a little more effort in that department.

In running news, I did my last training run for the BIG RACE today. I was very worried about my conditioning because I hadn't made the time to do any longer runs yet - 3.3 miles was the longest. This morning, I did the loop and then ran to the house my parents are buying and back - 5.2 miles. Here are my mile times (approximate based on where I thought the miles ended): 9:23, 9:15, 8:53; 8:03; 10:43. Clearly that last mile split was incorrect - should have been more like 9:25 for each. Doug had said all along that as fast as I can do the loop, the 6 miles should be no problem but I needed to prove it. I'll be much more relaxed on Tuesday knowing that the distance is within my capability.


Dorothy Gould said...

I am very impressed with Annika getting her hair washed in the sink, Sophie is still getting hers sprayed wet, but maybe that is b/c she gets it cut at the barbershop! Best of Luck on Tues., the Peachtree is always a fun time. And now you can enjoy it knowing you can go the distance, good for you!

Nat said...

You'll be fine on Tuesday. Race day magic--happens everytime. What number did you get? I think my sister and I are planning on have a beer post race. Call me on my cell if you want to join us. She's in the 5's and her boyfriend in the 4's so I'll be waiting on them.