Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Kick Ass

Due to the extra day of running last week because I was on the girls' weekend and the long run today because my girls were at Nana and Papa's house last night, I ran 17.2 miles this week.

So, technically I only went 13.9 (if I subtract the extra day), but that is still amazing for me. And the bad knee only hurts a little bit. Ice, ice, baby.

At this rate, I may actually make it to the half-marathon by January. Holy shoes, batman. Some realizations from this week's run: (1) cotton socks = bad for long runs, (2) Publix has good bathrooms, (3) stashing the water somewhere on the way "out" for the "back" part of the route is genius, (4) other than technical fabrics (maybe), there are no shirts that won't chafe me.

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