Saturday, July 08, 2006

Are You Out?

Yesterday, as we walked to our car from our lunch outing (Annika walking and holding my hand, Dagny in the stroller), Annika remarked, "Mommy, I'm out of kisses." So, I gave her a bunch of kisses and asked if she felt better. "Yes," she replied, "but now you are out of kisses." "It's OK," I said, "Dad will give me more when he gets home." Apparently, I've not been able to convey the message of limitless kisses yet.

Anyway, we continued our walk for several minutes because I had parked very far from the door - seeking shade. Poor Annika was tired - probably I should have carried her while pushing the stroller. As I stowed the diaper bag and stroller and buckled Annika into her carseat, she suprised me with more kisses and said "now you aren't out of kisses."

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Dorothy Gould said...

How sweet! The moments like that just warm your heart, don't they? It's what I try to keep in mind when the sassy monster rears her head.