Friday, July 28, 2006


Another couple that we know is splitting up. Wow, it just feels like an earthquake to me. I was trying to fathom the reason it feels that way and all I can come up with is that I grew up afraid that my parents would divorce. They are (and always have been) more vocal in their disagreements than the average couple but I don't think they would ever actually split. I worried about it a lot, though. My sister was afraid the house would burn down and I was afraid that mom and dad would separate.

Maybe it's the Catholicism or maybe just the childhood fears, but it really rocks my world when people end their marriages. Somehow it makes all other relationships feel that much more tenuous to me.

Interestingly, however, when my college buddies and my sister split from their spouses, that was not upsetting at all. Perhaps I was able to write that off to the fact that they had crappy spouses (which they did, not that I am biased or anything).

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Dogwood Girl said...

That is always distressing to me. It just seems like it won't happen to people you know, but then, it has to happen to about 50% of marriages, doesn't it? And of course, no one thinks it will happen to THEM.

So, I'm a little confused, though - you find it distressing when people other than your college friends and your sister divorce? That didn't make sense to me. . .