Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wherein I Try to Take Photos

In this post, you will notice several attempts to take a photo of Dagny and Annika smiling together. They seem to smile together regularly enough, but I cannot seem to capture it. It may be time to call in a professional.

Dagny has begun pulling up and is terribly frustrated that she can't walk yet. She is a fast crawler, though, and can cross the room in seconds. Luckily, she only wants to be where Annika is so we can contain her that way.

Annika has gotten mouthy of late and told me last week (after we left Chik-Fil-A because she threw a screaming tantrum) that if I wasn't nice to her I wouldn't get to go to tennis. At least she understands the idea that there are consequences to bad behavior - it shouldn't be too hard for me to convince her that the behavior she needs to worry about is her own . . .
We 've not been to the pool much because of Annika's many camps and my working but next week Annika has some lessons so that should be fun except that some stupid mother scheduled the lessons during Dagny's nap. Oops.

In other news, I ran 12.5 miles last week with the 6 mile run on Sunday.
It was surprisingly easy except for the tummy thing and Doug and I are enjoying logging our mileage into the computer now that we are both "wired". I was surprised to learn that it is 0.1 miles longer to go around my loop "Doug's way" than to go my way.

My running book tells me that optimum racing weight for my height is about 105-108 lbs. HA! I choose to believe that I am a mesomorph (and therefore immune to the "goal race weight") because I seriously think I would become ill if I were ever that thin. I'm hoping for a better training run tomorrow and less knee pain so that I can add a mile next week.


Nat said...

Holy crap--105??? Sheesh, I can't even wrap my mnd how that would even be possible for me and we are about the same height. I think at 105 I would have to be permanently bedridden since I would be way to weak to even walk much less run. Get another book.

Kudos on the mileage.
Oh, and the goal with getting mutliple kid's picture is to have them looking in the same direction nevermind about both similing.

Steph Bachman said...

I just looked at my book again, and I was wrong on the weight. Goal is 112.5 lbs - 111 if I'm 5'3" and 114 if I'm 5'4". I guess that could be correct for running weight and fine for a more delicate person but I still don't think that would be a healthy weight for me. The range (for both heights) is 103-125 and I'm within that - not that I was terribly worried about the weight thing anyway.

I am going to call in a pro for the photo. It's time to get a good picture for sharing.

Nat said...

That is more reasonable-- what is it for 5'5, 115? I have been 115ish as an adult but that is really really hard for me to maintain. 125 is more natural for me. I think I've said this in the past but beer is worth more to me than weighing 115. I have heard a though a 10lbs weight loss can garner 1-2 minutes off your 10k.

Dorothy Gould said...

Even though they aren't both looking, the pics are still cute. It will serve as a reminder later of how crazy life once was!