Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Take the Dumbass Running

I ran in the Peachtree Road Race today. Thanks to Mark and Robin for the bag of ice - it was marvelous!

Even after fortuitously meeting up with Virginia to run in our time group and discussing about how I always mess up and forget to push start on my watch, I apparently had the watch in the incorrect mode when I pressed start. Therefore, here is what I think my time and splits were (with notes, because I tried to piece it together as much as possible):

Start time: 7:38am (I was in the 30,000s/time group 3 - got this number from my Uncle Mike who was in the same group. Any better info, let me know)
Mile 1: 9 minutes (approx - I completely missed this mile marker)
Mile 2: 9 minutes (approx - it was 7:56am)
Mile 3: 9.5 minutes (approx - missed this mile marker also)
Mile 4: 9.5 minues (approx - still hadn't fixed the watch issue)
Mile 5: 9:12 (actually timed this one)
Mile 6: 8:04 (same - Doug says to kick it in the last mile)
Mile 0.2: 1:42 (finished at 8:34am)
Total Time: 56 minutes

So, it is possible that I was bit dehydrated and loopy because I missed seeing mile marker one. Then, after I thought to myself "darn this is really a long first mile," I saw mile marker two and thought it was wrong. Then, I looked at my watch and it said 7:56, and thought "wow, I ran that mile way too fast". Then, about 5 minutes later, when my watch said 8:01, I realized the watch error. What a mess. I had fun though and the race was relatively painless. Our meeting spot was not there so that caused me great anxiety in the 1.5 hours that I waited for Doug and Tina (they were in time group 8). OK - maybe there was only anxiety for 1 hour because I sat in the shade and ate my Odwalla bar and tried to work out my splits (in chocolate) for the first few minutes. Luckily Doug wore his acid green shirt so I found them right as they finished. : )


Nat said...

Awesome. I couldn't find the tent either and just went to the Park Tavern. I was there almost an hour by myself til my sister and Wes showed up--they started at 8:02 and ran it both in 54 minutes. According to my watch and the clock at the finish my time was 47:08 and my avg pace was 7:30 mile. My split at the 5k was 21 minutes but some reason they published my time as 58 minutes and some change. I'm pissed I should have had a record of a PR and it is worng. No way their time is possible since I was enjoying beers in a very empty Park Tavern by 8:20. If their time was right I would have still be running.

Dorothy Gould said...

I enjoyed reading this post, I can only imagine your confusion. Sometimes the markers are easy to miss, you get so caught up in the fun of the race. I am glad it went well and that you had an easy run. All your hard work paid off, good for you!