Thursday, August 10, 2006

Out, Out Damn Tooth

Dagny is teething again (her top left front tooth). That darn tooth is trying to come through and it must be causing her a lot of pain because she is causing the rest of us a lot of pain. Tantrums, screaming fits, waking early from the nap for no reason . . . Annika got a little crabby when her teeth erupted, but nothing like this. Stock tip - buy stock in whoever owns Tylenol because we are using a lot of it this week!

In other news, I hurt myself. Since I started back running in 2001, I've had a "bad" knee which is (I think) an overuse injury or runners knee. That darn right knee pains me a lot and gets sore if I run too much. So, I've been very careful to not add mileage too fast, which is why I'm still doing the 13-14 mile weeks instead of more. However, this week I think I ran too long after I was tired or broke form as I grew tired because I've hurt the OTHER knee. So, a week or more of reduced running (very slow, walking down the hills) is in my future. That and some weird stretching exercises, leg raises and possibly a date with my pal Billy. Depressing - walking around the block does not give the same endorphins that a run does, plus it takes a LOT longer.


Nat said...

Could it be time for new shoes? Sometimes my knees hurt and it is usually because I pushed the wear of my shoes too long.
Or,possibly you are unconsiciously compensating for your "weaker knee" and have injured the other because you put more strain on it.

Sorry about Dag's toofers. Beau's getting his 2 year molars (now that he is 3) but he is always a PITA so I can't say it because of the teeth.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Try the infant's Motrin, it lasts longer than Tylenol, a full 6-8 hours which is a dream. I buy 4 or 5 at a time for the twins, and always generic. When Mike and Kat were here they stocked up and taught me their pet name for it, which I think is SO appropriate: Baby Shut Up Juice.