Monday, December 10, 2007

Back II Life

Can anyone guess the title reference? No, it's not Prince. He would say "Back 2 Life."

So anyway, I ran/walked yesterday! Whoo hooo! : ) So awesome. And, I turned my dad on to "Map My Run" for his walk routes and he told me that he's been running a little too. To get his wind up for the tennis, don't you know. Still - that is great. He kicks ass.

Last week was Doug's birthday and we went to F.A.B. for dinner with a bunch of dear friends. Do not be put off by the dippy name (stands for French American Brasserie) or the downtown location. Yes, it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there (rush hour) and 1 hour 30 minutes to get home (road work and Thrashers game), but the food was awesome. I found this place on TripAdvisor and the reviewers did not lie. Yummo. Joe ordered our appetizers and we had a potato dip that tasted like heaven. OK, heaven sauteed in bacon fat. Mmmmm. Everything is better with bacon. It went perfectly with the wine, not that I had much because I was driving, but still. . .

Here is the weekly report:

Sun: 3.12 mile walk at 13+ pace. Garmin has this on Monday but I think it is wrong.

Mon: 3,000 yard swim. Had to leave early for shopping but still a good swim.

Tues: 3.07 mile walk at 13:45 pace. I was trying to go faster, but couldn't do it on the hills.

Wed: 14 mile bike in one hour. Nat and I rode and both forgot our Garmins. I used "Map My Ride" to determine the mileage and since were only gone an hour (because I had to go to the office), I know the speed. It was fun and my knee didn't hurt at all after.

Thurs: 2,500 yard swim. 500; 1,000; 1,000. Someone actually spoke to me at the pool! Whoo! He said that they have tried to recruit him to the masters team. I was jealous that they wanted him on their team. He's a good swimmer, though - passed me a bunch of times. My hairdryer died at some point prior to me using it this morning. SIGH. Good thing I had a clip so that I didn't have to detour back home.

Fri: 19.97 mile bike at 14.4 mph. Had the day off, so I rode down to the river and then back. Note to all in the area - Wileo Road is closed and the detour has you go west on Hwy 120 to Coleman Road. The hill is loooong, but gentle. However, the speeding traffic who uniformly failed to merge into the empty left lane (going in the same direction because this is a divided road) were really scary. And some woman in a red Expedition decided to take me out on Coleman. Hmm, my bright yellow bike and red helmet must have distracted her from the fact that she didn't have the right of way. SIGH. I skidded sideways but managed to recover and not say any bad words. I did yell at her, though. On second thought, I might have said some bad words - or at least one really bad one.

Sat: 4.01 mile walk at 13.23 mile pace. I did this walk in shorts while everyone in our neighborhood was putting up their Christmas lights! Holy cow, the weather is weird this week.

Totals: 5,500 yards swimming, 33.97 miles biking, 10.20 miles walking. This is such an improvement. I feel like a new woman. My knee is sore, but not the sharp pains I'd been having. I think it really was the seat position - Colin was right. I may need to move it down even further.


Wes said...

Nice to see ya back :-) Have you been fitted for your bike? I've been reading Tom Holland's book on Tri training, and he mentioned that some knee problems are caused by an imbalance in strength of muscles on the front and back of the leg. Just a thought for ya :-) Take care! Aqua-woman!!!

Dogwood Girl said...

I'm insulted that folks are turned off by the "downtown location." Whatevers! Their loss.

Seriously, we need to get together. Things have been crazy around here.

Steph Bachman said...

Annie - the turnoff to a downtown location is the 1.5 hour drive in stop and go traffic to get there and home, plus the fact that someone must forego delicious wine in order to be able to make the drive home.