Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Aside - today Doug and I compared the tread on my new and old (retired) running shoes because I accidentally tried to wear one of each and noticed that the wear is already starting to show on my new shoes.

"How many miles on them?" he asked.

I just did a lot of number crunching on my Training Center program and the answer is a whopping 66.6 miles. Yep, since October 26. Nat runs that many miles in one week. No wonder I was slow in the race today.

Back to the topic. Stay on task! That is our new mantra at home because Annika can't concentrate long enough to put her shoes on, brush her teeth or use the bathroom. Stay on task!

Anyway, triathletes and runners, have you ever noticed that sometimes people take your fitness for granted? Like, it's just luck that you aren't obese? Or that you can eat whatever you want because you exercise? I have a friend that does this - she always (in a very nice way, because she really is a sweet woman) mentions that I'm so lucky that I'm small.

Well, let me tell you folks. I'm not small. I'm not saying I'm fat, because that isn't true. But small, no.

I know this because I went to a certain underwear store recently. Because of my build, I have a hard time finding bras that fit so I asked for help. The woman eyeballed me and said "what do you wear now, 32?" Um, no. She measured me and insisted that I had to be a 34 at most so I tried that. My skin and whatnot leaked out the sides of the garment so I asked for her to take another humiliating look. I'm a 36. Pair that with the "nearly don't need one" cup size and it makes for difficult fitting.

Anyway, I have a point here beyond my stupid boobs.

I think that people (and by people, I mean women) would be more satisfied with their bodies and themselves if they could focus on their overall fitness instead of (a) dress size, (b) weight, or (c) body mass index, which is just a function of weight. Sure, there are people who wear size 0 and 2. I am not one of them - my frame is larger. So what. My 36 inch chest will not go into a size 2 shirt without the "fat-man-in-a-little-coat" feeling. Those strong bones and muscles mean that I can heft both of my kids into my arms and carry them (sometimes kicking and screaming) at the same time. And, you know what? The more expensive the clothes, the bigger the sizes are. A 0 at Nordstrom is a hell of a lot bigger than a 0 at Kohls. Buy what fits and clip out the tags! Sure, there are women who weigh 100 lbs. Also not me. So what. At 100 lbs, I would look like a skeleton. I don't know what a good BMI would be but my guess is tall and willowy is better than short and stubby. Bad news for the 5 foot 3 inch world. Again, who cares.

At the risk of sounding like I have a complex (which I clearly do - and what woman doesn't?), I think that this short and sturdy (my Grammy's word) body is pretty good. It sure does a lot of fun stuff even if the knees are sketchy. I think that perhaps people would enjoy their bodies more if they just used them more. It's hard to think your body is "wrong" when it will take you on a 5K or a 30 mile bike ride or a mile in the pool.

But is it luck that my body will do this stuff? Heck no. It's hard work and a lot of it. And some hefty denial of yummies. Sarah and Wes and Anne will tell you that. The hard work allows you to eat the yummies and drink the beer, but it doesn't give you license to go crazy.

Um, maybe I didn't have a point after all.

Anyway, here's the report:

Sun: No exercise. Baked 2 batches pumpkin bread, 3 batches cookies. Feet swollen and hands cracking by the end.
Mon: 3,000 yd swim. Done as 1x2,000; 2x500. There was a woman on the BT board who mentioned that she swam her first mile so I had to see if I could do it too. Not that I'm competitive or anything.
Tues: 3.52 mile run at 10:41 pace in the flats. This was actually at a 10:10 pace plus a walk for a half mile at the end.
Wed: 3.52 mile run at 10:19 pace - actually 9:50 pace plus same walk as Tues. I got up at 2am this morning because the dog had to pee and then I just stayed up because I had to do a bunch of work before taking the girls to school and then I had to do some Santa shopping. Then, late in the afternoon while we were making dinner, the guy on the other side of the deal that I worked all morning on changed it all around so that we had to redo all of the work. Sigh.
Thurs: 2,500 yard swim. 5x500. Shoulder still too sore for speed drill. Or, just too lazy and snotty. I forgot to go to my car appointment this morning. oops. Might need to bake them some cookies for that.
Fri: Nada. Got up at 4:15 to pay bills so I'd have time to run before work. Went upstairs to run and found out that the nanny had called in sick. Doug and I played tag-team with the childcare instead of working out. 1 batch brownies and 2 batches cookies to complete the baking extravganza.
Sat: 3.18 mile run at 8:49 pace. Doug and girls and I ran the Virginia Highlands Christmas 5K. It was nice race - challenging hills and pretty neighborhoods. Doug had informed me that we would run 9 1/2 minute miles because I'm still healing. Then, the crowd was really thick at the start. We bobbed and weaved a lot the first mile and I lost Doug/Annika in the fray. It's hard to maneuver strollers in a crowd. At the 1 mile mark, I still hadn't caught Doug and noticed that we were on an 8:15 min/mile pace. I decided that Doug meant that I was supposed to be doing the 9 1/2 minute pace so I slowed down and allowed them to accelerate away from me. Then, Dagny's hands got cold because they were exposed. I stopped, put her hands and her Teddy under the bunting and restarted. She hurled Teddy from the stroller and started to cry. She wanted Teddy but not in the blanket. Sigh. Then the hills. They were tough. I passed many people as I bumbled down the hills but they all passed me back on the uphills. I finished in 27 minutes, XX seconds. Not a PR, but still a fun race and morning with my peeps. Thanks to Sara and Pete for the loan of their stroller.
Totals: 5,500 yds swimming, 0 biking, 10.22 miles run/walking. This running fitness is going to take a long time to come back. Maybe I'll get so much faster in the swim that it will even out. NOT!


Sarah said...

Word. It's a whole 'nother ball game when you realize all of the things that your body will do for you. Even when you aren't always treating it the way you should. I try to remember that when I'm lamenting over my big thighs and calves, or am annoyed that I'm not dropping weight faster. I think about all the miles that my feet have carried me. The laps in the pool as I learn to swim. The marathons that I've finished. Then it makes you realize how strong you really are!

I was going to run Va-Hi, but I ended up running 7 with my RG. It's a fun race, but yes, crowded!!!!

Charlie said...

Great way to get back into your running Ms Steph! Very nice time for your 5K race...especially recovering from your knee problems and pushing the stroller to boot.


Wes said...

LOL! I just hate it that when women loose weight, their boobies get smaller :-) tee hee :-) Dee Dee can sympathize with you on the "fitting" thing, and I for one am very appreciative of taking care of the twins... Oh god, I'm going to die of laughter... *sigh*

You look great. You are an amazing athlete. All that comes through hard work, and even though we fall off the wagon every once in a while, we EARN those beers and pieces of cake! Woo hoo!!

I for one, am a firm believer in doing your best, and letting your body adapt as it sees fit, and in between, being happy with yourself is priceless!!

Merry Christmas, Steph and Doug and Family!!