Sunday, December 02, 2007

Just Makes Me Stronger?

Yeah, so, I'm walking. And it's sucking.

But first, here are some photos. The first two are of the turkeys we made for Dagny's class Thanksgiving party. Annika helped me so we made some for her class too. Thanks to Linda for giving me the instructions. Here is a link to the book they came from, which her sister-in-law wrote. Very fun project with 4-5 year olds. The top is the second batch, which were better because we had determined that we DID need the second caramel for the head and that the beak needed to be up there and not below.

Here is Dagny in the first of our many attempts to get a Christmas card photo. She loves the puppies on her shirt, which I just noticed that you can't see. Rats - they are really cute.

And, Annika in her new jammies. I just wrote that I don't know why we were taking photos in our jammies, but I remembered that I was taking pictures of the girls playing hide and seek (HILARIOUS!) and Annika found such a good place and looked so devilish that I snapped her.

Here is a photo of Dagny counting. 1...2...3...789 He-aah I come!

Apparently the other photos in this series got corrupted or I accidentally took movies. Oh well, they were awesome. We can use this as an opportunity to see if I can do the movie upload. Here is Annika doing ring-around-the-rosy with Dogarita while we make dinner.

Weekly workout update:

Sun: Nothing. Not even church. We were so whipped that we couldn't make it to anything.

Mon: 3,000 yard swim. I did Nat's fast 10 x 100 drill and a 1,000 plus 500 w/u and c/d. I might have done 3,100 yards because I lost count while trying to figure out how many laps were in 2 miles.

Tues: Again with the nothing. Thought that I'd rest the knee for a run on Thurs.

Wed: 3,600 yard swim. 1,000 w/u, 600, 1,000, 2x500. See, Jerry said that 72 laps is a mile so I thought I would make it my goal to swim the ironman distance (2.4 miles). This is two miles so I'm pretty pleased with that, especially since I have no other outlets for my tension and craziness. Doug suggested that I get to 2.85 because that is the distance around our block - it would take significantly longer to swim, though - like 2 full hrs.

Thurs: 0.38 mile walk. I thought I'd do an easy run and walk if necessary. My knee had other plans and even walking hurt so I bagged it after just doing the warm-up.

Fri: 2,500 yard swim. All 500s - as fast as possible (50minutes or a little less) because you have to finish early to beat the high school girls to the showers.

Sat: 3.08 mile walk. 13.42 minute per mile pace. It was a beautiful day and running hurt so I walked. Sigh.

Totals: Last week was negligible except for the race. 9,100 yards swimming, 0 miles biking, 3.46 miles walking. Baby steps, baby steps. I hope to walk today or tomorrow. Cross fingers.

OMG, that video was so fun that I have to put another one on.


Wes said...

OMG! LOL!! Will you be renting those cuties out :-)

You are doing some serious pool work. Awesome!!! Nice job on the turkeys too!!

Dorothy Gould said...

Love the turkeys, I will have to file that away for next year. I am sorry about your knee, that does stink. The girls are too cute, I love both videos.

Charlie said...

Ms Stephanie...You and Ms Natalie are sooo talented with cupcakes!

Your daughters are adorable!


Charlie said...

Well...they aren't cupcakes...but...they are cute.

Hope your knee is getting better. said...

Mega pool time. Good for you. Saw your post re: FedEx / Can Bike Sherpa make any money? Interesting. Drop me a line - i'd be happy to support you and friends if you need bike transport.