Sunday, December 30, 2007


On Wednesday when I rode my bike, I forgot to take a gel with me. Since our bodies contain 2,000 calories and I was drinking water and Nuun (electrolyte drink), I decided upon realizing my error that I would be OK. I rode down to the river and back. Usually on this trip, I would have a gel at the turnaround point and possibly another on the way back. However, it wasn't hot and I wasn't going super fast so I thought it would be fine. This was a solo ride but I told myself that Nat would have agreed.

Normal people might be OK to bike for two hours without fuel. Those of you who've been around when I haven't eaten know that I tend to get very cranky. So, I was on my way home and crossing the big road when a guy in an orange Honda Element thought he wouldn't yield like he was supposed to as he turned onto my road. I gave him some lip and told him to yield (he as inside the car so he didn't hear me) but thought I would pass him without incident. He had his own lane, so it should not have even been a concern except if he didn't see me when merging into the main lane, which is always a danger.

Unfortunately, just then I hit a hole in the road and it knocked my shakey hands (the shakes happen when my sugar is low) off of my handle bars. I was not using the aero bars but was holding onto the "horns" where the brakes are. Luckily, I caught myself when my forearm hit my aero bars on the way down because I would have hit my chin on them except that arm stopped the fall. I have a very nice bruise there now. Anyway, I veered over in front of the guy by accident but remained upright and moving during all of this drama. Thank goodness the guy was paying good attention or I would be flat. I'm very sorry orange Honda guy.

After the adrenaline wore off, I decided that this was a sign that I did NOT need to add a loop down the "other" side of the subdivision as I had planned (to get to 2 hours - I like a round number) and instead I headed home. Pshew!

So, the moral of the story is - a girl has gotta eat.

Here is the weekly report, which I am thinking of omitting from the blog and posting on the Beginner Triathlete forum instead. They have cool graphs and I like graphs. Any objections?

Sun: Nothing. Had big plans but life intervened. Big Christmas dinner with my family.
Mon: 3.51 mile run at 10:10 pace (10:39 pace if you count the 1/2 mile walk at the end). Lunch with Doug's family and Christmas Eve Mass in the gym. Note to self, 3:15 is not early enough for the 4pm Mass. There was no room in the sanctuary and we got the last non-bleacher seats (important since my Grammy is 87) in the gym.
Tues: 3.54 mile run at 10:45 pace (10:52 pace if you count the walk). IT band issues today - I think Nat is right that my legs don't like the cold. Santa came! My family came for lunch and Doug's parents came for dinner. Doug cooked the feast and we were going to eat without guests but thought they might be lonely.
Wed: 26.95 mile bike to river and back at 14.4 mph avg
Thurs: 2,500 yard swim. 5x500 in 50 minutes - all easy except for the last 500.
Fri: 3.51 mile run at 10:15 pace (10:39 if you count the walk). Lovely morning - one of the other members of the dark-30 club and I were congratulating each other on the beautiful weather. Then, the skies opened up while I was in the shower. Good thing I ran because work was stressful this day.
Sat: 32.42 mile bike at 13 mph avg. Nat and I both forgot our Garmins so this time and distance (and therefore speed) are estimates. It felt harder than 13 mph but we did ride for 2.5 hours so maybe that was it.
Totals: 2,500 yards swimming, 59.37 miles biking and 10.56 miles running. The running was actually only 9 miles and the rest walking fast. I'm trying to take it slow with the running comeback, but next week - 4 miles! Whooo!


Wes said...

Funny you should mention that. I didn't bring anything to eat when I rode my bike, not even for the 50 miler I did. Eventually, I learned it was a good idea to take in something on the bike.

For the most part, I find the people in my area curteous to bikes. It's always the one you have to watch out for. Do you wear gloves when you ride? I find they are a must, even in warm weather.

Happy New Year, Steph!!

xt4 said...

Ugh, the dreaded bonk. Nothing quite like it, for sure. Glad you made it okay, anyway.

Thanks for checking in - looking forward to reading more!

Charlie said...

Be careful out there on your bike Ms Steph...give those vehicles a wide berth. I always anticipate the worst from vehicles and always assume they don't see you.

Glad to see your getting back to your running!

Happy New Year!