Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year

Natalie and Wes have posted about joining challenges to get moving 30 minutes every day. This is a wonderful idea and I encourage you all to join up and do it. However, I'm going to copy wholesale from this idea without obligating myself to check in on another site for a 2008 goal. I'll make it my goal to move every day - minutes are irrelevant and yoga counts. So far I'm doing great. Here is the link to my training log. Check out the graph. : ) Today's run will be in the afternoon and that always makes me nervous so cross your fingers. Of course, now that I've added the challenge guy to my blog roll (at right), I'll probably be checking him regularly anyway. Also, the girls and I are heading to the gym this morning to practice our basketball skills.

OK, we are going to practice Annika's skills and I'll bring a ball for Dagny too. We got an email from the basketball coach to remind us that practice is starting back up and that we are supposed to be practicing. ooops. Got to get back on that wagon!

In other news, after much conferring with my coach (Doug) and the race director, I've signed up for the Ridges Resort 5K swim in June. It's a 3.1 open water swim across Lake Chatuge. Nat? You in?

I was worried about embarking on this adventure while trying to train for the SC half iron distance triathlon in September, especially given my extreme suckiness on the bike. Training for a century or other bike race would contribute a lot more to my training because I'm already at the half iron distance on my swim. However, as Doug pointed out, I'm not going to win the half iron distance race (ever) and I'll be thrilled to finish without pain (whatever the time is) so why not train for this swim? I'll enjoy the training and it looks like a fun race. And, the tri club that sponsors this race looks amazing. Maybe I can even train for the Beast of the East half iron distance race in 2009. I won't be able to ramp up my train volume to a full iron distance (if at all) until at least 2010 and probably later anyway so it's not as if my training will be delayed. Wow, there are so many cool races that we could do . . . it's fun just to think about them all.

In entertainment news, I spent the New Year's holiday investigating YouTube while watching football and eating junky food. Here are some really cool things that I found:

I just gotta say - I love the band. Lotzie, you must admit that you love the Trojans too. So much fun! And a shout out to the Lassiter Band - they were our arch rivals when I was in high school, but still going strong. A couple of our friends have kids in this band now and I love to watch them.


Nat said...

Band geek, bike geek, swim geek. Geez Steph. . .

I am totally in for the swim. That is what a mile and half? 40 minutes at most???

And you do not suck on the bike. Well if you suck then I really suck so don't say you suck. We will find a century ride this spring and that will bump us up.

Dorothy Gould said...

Happy New Year Steph! Like the youtube stuff, I was never in band, but halftime always was my favorite part of football games. Listening to HS bands still can give me chills.

Wes said...

Steph, Steph, Steph...

First of all, I think its way cool that you signed up for Ridges. Did you see that on my blog or find it on your own? As I mentioned to Nat, it will be good to see you guys there and maybe save me in my moment of panic.

Now, I may need to have a talk with Doug. What's this crap about not being ready for full Iron until 2010? You could EASILY do an full Iron in 09 if that was a goal. You are quite the athlete. I fully realize this is my own clouded opinion, but hey, I've only had 3 beers tonight :-)

It's also really cool that you are looking at the SC half IM and/or the Beast. I may add one of those to my schedule before the Ironman. Need a tune up, don't ya know!

Lotzie said...

In my humble opinion, the USC Trojan band is the best in the land. I had the good fortune to see them in person one day in Chicago. I had a meeting downtown and was out getting lunch when I heard the drumline. I turned the corner and the entire band was playing the fight song. They were in town to beat up on some small college in Indiana called Notre Dame.

Go to YouTube and check out the Conquest Intro it's awesome. Also check out their version of Fleetwood Mac's TUSK where they replace it with U-C-L-A SUCKS! It's a classic...Fight On!

xt4 said...

Hey cool, glad you enjoyed the vids! And the Ridges swim sounds awesome. You're looking solid going into your IM expedition!

LoveOfShoes said...

Hello there- Found your blog through Nat/Wes. I went to college in ATL (Emory) and swam on the team. One summer that I lived in Atlanta a few of us did the 5k swim you are aiming for. It was a BLAST! The weather that year was horrible (ie 30 mph winds= WAVES!!), but it was still super fun. I stopped a few times to tread water and rest, and looking around was just beautiful. Good Luck with the training!