Monday, January 07, 2008

So U Wanna Be a Baller, Shot Caller

On Saturday I took the girls to the gym to practice basketball. I thought I could help Annika learn to dribble better. Doug mentioned a good passing drill that the coach used at the last practice so we could do that too. Have I mentioned that I'm sports-retarded? Or that I have Annika in sports already so that she does not become as uncoordinated as I was as a kid?


Maybe the lack of coordination is because of her age, or maybe it's just genetic.

We arrived at the gym and proceeded to discover that Annika can't dribble or concentrate when there are other people in the gym. You know that movie scene where the coach yells at the kid to focus and points right between his eyes? I did that. Not pretty.

We got to four bounces in a row, though, which is not bad.

The wall drill and bounce pass were more successful. I had imagined that we would be able to dribble around the lines on the court, but no. Not yet. Maybe we will spend some time bouncing the ball here today instead.

Dagny didn't feel great but she spent most of the time running up and down the bleachers and chasing her soccer ball around. Who knew a big open room was so much fun?

So, after all of this joy, a grocery trip, lunch, and my flats (read: back and forth in front of our house) run, I searched online for some basketball drills. Surely there is a resource or two for coaching newbies? There are zillions of drills online, but they all want you to pay for them. What? I just want some dribble drills for kids. Mad handles are not in our future.

What are mad handles? No, nothing related to love handles (that is what came to my mind). Mad handles are apparently excellent ball-handling moves. Yep, we don't have any of those yet.

But just wait.

In other news, while I was doing that flats run on Saturday, I turned around at our neighbor's house to be surprised by a gang of triathletes on bikes speeding down our hill towards me. COOL! I waved and said hi to all of them. : ) They even came back the other way later. I'm such a groupie.


Wes said...

I watched my oldest progress from a clumsy kid to a black belt in karate. Also, my youngest didn't know how to dribble. He went from running with the ball to dribbling with both hands to dribbling well, and now he has a jump shot, in seventh grade. I'm impressed. Can't get him to play for a team, but impressed. Basketball is like getting better on the bike. All you need is time. Play with them every chance you get!!

Colin said...

I'm gonna second what Wes already said...she just needs time and practice. No special drills. If she likes it, she'll do it more, and she'll get better. If she doesn't like it, she won't do it, and she'll find something else to be good at.

I never got better at soccer by doing drills. I got better by playing, and watching other people play, and trying stuff I saw. I loved it, so I played more, and got better.

Pete Maravich was a basketball player legendary for his ball-handling skills. I once read that he became so good by dribbling a basketball everywhere he went as a kid. (The legend goes that, as a teenager, he was so good he could dribble a basketball out the window of a moving car.)

Mike Maier said...

the most important thing is if she sees you enjoying being active and playing sports he will too. Is she four? I know everything is accelerated today but she needs a little more time to just enjoy playing. Pete Maravich was an amazing player but his Dad drove him like gangbusters and he had some pretty severe social issues in the end. Good luck.
PS I didn't start drills till I was seven and I was kicking ass by 8th grade.