Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whatca Waitin' For?

OK, people. Dorothy posted about this last year (can't believe it was that long ago), but January is Volunteer Blood Donor Month.

Get your bottoms out there and give a pint. The Red Cross has a new advocacy campaign about excuses. The pamplet (which I cannot find on the internet) lists all of the different excuses people use for not giving and when you see them all in writing (which is, obviously, the point), they all look really lame.

Here are some good reasons to roll up your sleeve:
  1. You might need blood someday.
  2. Your kid or your mom might need blood someday.
  3. 2 words -Nutter Butter. Seriously, I've never been to a blood drive or collection location without Nutter Butter cookies. And, Nutter Butters have the same nutritional value as the "healthier" cracker alternatives on the table - I checked them all, except for the Lorna Doones because Lorna Doones were not a viable Nutter Butter alternative.
  4. The calorie spend on the blood replacement has to be greater than the Nutter Butters. That is what I tell myself anyway. The internet says 650 calories are burned donating, but I could not find validation/substantiation for this claim.
  5. Mondays are free Dominos Pizza day at the Alpharetta donation location. All donors get a coupon for a free pizza. Way to go Dominos. When I expressed my appreciation for such a program (I was there on Friday), the nice volunteer lady gave me coupons for free waffles at Waffle House. Whoo! Further research indicates that Waffle House has a donation campaign too - T.G.I.W.F. Guess who's going to Waffle House?
  6. There are a bunch of plush new donation centers in metro Atlanta. Recliners, TV, potties, selection of canteen foods. Make an appointment or just walk in. I got to watch the Tyra Banks show as I reclined in cushy comfort - Hillary Clinton was the guest.
  7. Blood donation (or the slight dehydration caused by giving blood) makes you a cheap date. Not necessarily a good thing, though, so keep in mind regardless.
  8. Long run ability (within reason) for the next day is not affected. I ran 6 miles yesterday morning after donating on Friday without feeling bad - just a little thirsty. Motivation, however, was a different story.
  9. They give you a sticker for donating. My kids love stickers.
  10. You meet neat people. Volunteers, blood services workers, other donators. Very fun and all folks you might never meet otherwise.

So, go. Quit making excuses and get out there. And while I'm on the subject of excuses . . .

Challenge update: I had 2 days without working out for at least 30 minutes last week (stupid tummy bug), but have subsequently made 4 days in a row without a missed workout. Back in the Saddle, baby!

Update to the previous post - no one stole my lunch. They stole someone else's fruit cup and ate their tuna salad (apparently licking the bowl clean). Ew. The theft prompted a retaliatory poem that was posted on the fridge. This is an ongoing problem at work. No one wants to eat my lunches, though, which is good for me.


Dorothy Gould said...

Excellent post Steph. Might I add that one of the greatest needs for blood comes from those undergoing cancer treatment. Don't we all know someone affected by cancer? What an easy gift to give.

Jarrett Meyer said...

I used to give pretty regularly. Then I had 1 *really* bad experience with a not-so-good phlebotomist, and I quit right there. He went through the vein. Nasty bruising ensued. After that, I quit making blood donation a priority.

I should get back into doing it, but it just hasn't been important to me.