Thursday, January 17, 2008

So Disappointed

It's odd how life comes full circle on you.

This morning, Doug and I were up at regular time to get on the internet to see if school and work (mine) were cancelled. Oh, how I was hoping for a snow day. A run around in the cold, get wet and drink hot chocolate day.

Alas, no.

We had such fun making hot cocoa last night (thank you, Trader Joes!) and catching snowflakes in our mouths. OK, everyone but Dagny had fun because she was cold and had to be carried inside my jacket. Even with that, she was still an ice cube by the time we finished our short walk. But the snow - she could have watched it for hours.

Annika was hoping for a snow day today too and got up at 6:13am to check out the snow.

Alas, a tantrum ensued because (1) no snow, and (2) she was too tired to be up yet. Our little buttercup is not a morning person.

I'll have you know, though, that I'm not the only person in the office who was out sick with the tummy bug on Mon/Tues. Maybe Dagny was not the giver after all! It could be that the sickness-giver and the lunch-stealer are the same person - who is obviously rotten to the core. Here's hoping that the bad karma from stealing lunches at least gave the stealer the yucky tummy bug.


Wes said...

I hate lunch stealers :-(

That snow was something else, wasn't it. When I left work last night it was coming down in sheets. I teased the security guard about "at least it wasn't raining" :-)

Nat said...

Seriously, a lunch stealer? That's crazy.

I was sort of kinda bummed too. I wanted to sleep in and then play in the snow but then again I like my routines. I had stuffed planned for today that a snow day would have required rescheduling which would have been a pain. But man, playing in the snow is the best. Why don't we have snow like we use to here?

Charlie said...

I thought I heard on the news this morning that a lot of GA schools were closed because of snow...oh least you guys got to play in it a bit. All we got was it coming down pretty hard but nothing stuck! Winter isn't over up here yet.

Lunch stealers are the worst! You should put some strong laxitive in a decoy lunch and find out who is in the restroom the rest of the day!

Hope you all are feeling better,

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Charlie's idea for the lunch stealer had me laughing out loud. Dagny and Emily are just alike, she was the first one to succumb, and wasn't sure she liked the snow at all, it was "messy". I had to carry her outside, but finally after seeing the fun the others were having, she did play for a bit. We were all disappointed over here too.

Emily said...

someone steals your lunch?! Do they steal the whole thing or just the good parts?