Friday, January 11, 2008

I Am the Barf God(des)

Usually I am the poop goddess. You have to know my family to understand this, but just take my word for it. I know everything there is to know about bottoms and poop and regularity.

But now, I can add barf to my repertoire.

Tuesday night, Annie got sick. She must have escaped from the nanny outside during the day because she spent the evening barfing sand all over our house. Sand? Why sand? No idea, but it is really gross and messy to clean up barf that contains sand. And, it smells.

So, on Wednesday after a lovely bike/run with Nat, I finally finished up cleaning the carpets, washing the area rugs and towels and dog bed. We had dinner, I packed up my swim bag for the morning, started Annika's lunchbox and was in bed by 8:45. YES!

At 9:15, a weird sound erupted out of Dagny's room and then she started screeching for me: "MOOOM!" Yep, I heard the gross burp noise and the liquid hitting the sheets of her crib before I even got the door open. Upchuck city. Calmly, I stripped her and put her in the tub and removed the offending linens to the laundry area. No big deal. She calmed down in the bath and seemed to be doing better. As I put clean sheets on her crib, I sat her in the rocking chair. Bad move. Soon the seat cushion, blankie and teddy that she sat with were all in the laundry room and I had Dagny back in the tub. "No problem," I told Doug "just a little barf."

When we went down to the kitchen to get a cup to swish water in Dagny's mouth, things went haywire. Not five minutes after we got down there, the kitchen was covered with barf germs too. I gave Dagny a sponge bath in the sink and stripped her down. She continued sickness as I rinsed her in the tub, put on new jammies, and tried to calm her down. This continued for what seemed like not a very long time, especially since I knew that the kitchen was wearing a moisturizing mask of Dagny's dinner. Luckily, my dear husband helped me by administering bath number 3 and holding Dagny and her barf bowl while I scrubbed the kitchen. The time, when I finally got downstairs to attack the goo - 12:15. I called the nanny (who was still up!) and told her to sleep in and got to bed sometime around 1:30.

Thursday is one of my work-at-the-office days and I pay our bills at night so this is a very long-winded and detailed way of saying that I fell off of the wagon. I'm sorry Team Super-Women, I didn't get to swim or walk or anything yesterday.

And today, I got a lesson in hydration from the on-call nurse at the pediatrician's office because the adventure continues. Buy some stock in Clorox now.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I have so been there. Nothing like the barf bug to throw your best laid plans out the window. Hope she is feeling better soon. Hey, at least now you know your house is really clean! :)

Nat said...

Oh no! But suck is the life with small kids, huh? There is definitely a tummy bug making the rounds. I hope for your sake the barf stops with Dagney.

I find it is harder to stick to the workout regime when the kids are sick than when I am sick. The copious amounts of laundry, time spent at Dr offices and tending to little sickies really eats up your day and energy. But I know you. You'll be back to streaking tomorrow. You'll be "too cranky" to stand yourself if you don't get your endorphin fix.

Dogwood Girl said...

Oh, god. That is the worst. Sorry! Hope you feel better soon, guys!

Charlie said...

What a night Ms Stephanie! Hope it was only a 24 hr bug they are feeling better. Sick kids are the pits...they are so helpless and you as parents feel so bad for them. I remember a while back with one of my girls when they were little and throwing up so bad that I had to drive them to the emergency room...even on the way there she was throwing up in the car...but that really didn't was those puppy dog eyes wondering what is going on and pleading to make it stop.

All that work that night should qualify for cross training! ;-)

Hope they are feeling better!

Tara said...

Steph that sounds horrible! I hope everyone is keeping it down now. You are so calm in the midst of chaos.

Wes said...

That's a true adventure in parenting! Been there, done that!!! Hope everybody feels better soon!

I don't know abouyt Annie (I'm assuming Annie is the puppy), but my dog's seem to like rabbit droppings. They've only made that mistake a couple of times. Makes them terribly sick and looks like dirt...