Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'll Keep Comin' Back Again

Dagny is a giver.

She shared her tummy bug with me.

So, after I wasted the very delicious Pasta Amatriciana that Doug made for dinner on Sunday and went back to bed (3am?) after many hours contemplating the tile and paint in our bathroom, I thought to myself, "I can walk in the morning while the girls are at school and then I won't goose egg on the challenge." This challenge, it's a lot of pressure.

But the walking, not so much.

My mom always told us that if you were not sick enough to want to stay in bed, then you weren't sick enough to stay home (barring any vomit or fever, obviously). I was sick enough to stay at home, in my room, in bed. All day.

Doug got the girls up, dressed them, made lunches and took them to school. He even brought me some ginger ale, the paper and the remote for the TV. I felt too crappy to use anything but the ginger ale. After some napping, I checked email and was so exhausted that I had to nap more. All day Monday progressed in that fashion. I did finish Annika's school application but who knows if it was right because I was so loopy.

Tuesday I was supposed to have jury duty. I knew a full day was out of the question so I rescheduled the jury service and thought I could still make it to work at least for a little while. So, I got up, showered, dressed and made it to the kitchen. Then, I had to rest. To be perfectly honest, I had to rest several times while getting showered and dressed. Still, I thought I could make it. Doug and the nanny expressed doubt. Finally, after the rest did not give me any more energy, I saw their wisdom and went back to bed. By mid-afternoon and after a half-sleeve of saltines, improvement! For dinner, oatmeal!

And, lemon ice! Did I mention that my husband is amazing? No? Well, he is.

So today, I wasn't up for a swim or run but I did get to walk at Leita with my dad. We had a nice walk and I got back in time to pick up the girls. I'm back! Whooo!

Take that, silly tummy bug.


Wes said...

Blech. This stomach thing going around sucks. Hope you feel better soon!

Nat said...

Glad you are feeling better. Ryan has had the chest rot this week that I had a few weeks ago. I am so afraid he is going to infect me. Ugh, I just can't be sick again. I'll lose my mind.

Tara said...

Oh you poor thing. Doug and Saltines are the bomb. Glad you're better!