Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leita, Leita, Leita

You know how my knee has been bothering me? And I have been running in the flats (back and forth in front of our house)? While Doug has been kicking ass with the long trail runs?

On Saturday, I got to get back to the trail! It was a very cold 30 degrees but the trail was delightful. I love to run through the trees. There were five dog-walkers on the trail and I saw three other runners at a pretty early hour. Sure, my knee complained a little, but it actually felt better to run on the nice squishy (relatively speaking) trail than on the asphalt I had to follow to get there. I ran for a total of 6 miles - about 3 on the trail and 3 of travel because running to the place to run is faster than getting in the car and driving there to start the running. However, if time were no object, it would be more fun to walk to the trail and then do all of the running there. But that time, it is an object.

Since I had to work on Monday, I had yesterday "off" which means that I dial in and work on my computer from home and talk on the phone a lot but don't have to shower/blowdry/dress nicely and go into the office. Doug suggested that I have the day of fitness to celebrate being done with my presentation and although I felt guilty about taking the whole day since he had stayed home with sick Annika on Monday, I complied. I was late leaving the house (surprise) and swam for only 20 minutes but still, a swim! On the same day as a bike! Whoo!

Then Nat and I drove to the Silver Comet for a really really long ride. 40 miles. That's a record. And then we ran. Whew. Very tiring. I made Nat buy Powerade and we got back on the road. Since I was drinking the Powerade, I did not buy myself a Cliff bar because I knew that I was heading home just to eat dinner. However, in my car I found . . . MY LUNCH! I'd totally forgotten about it. I've never been so happy to see a sandwich. PB&J joy! And apple slices! In retrospect, I think that we should have been eating my lunch during the ride since we were riding through the lunch hour and all. Next time I'll pack some up and we can practice eating on the go. Surely the fuel would have helped us feel better on those interminable last 10 miles. And while we are on the subject of fueling, please allow me to geek out for a moment.

Single-serving Gu packages, while convenient and leak-free, are hard to eat while riding a bike. Maybe not so hard for people with grace and coordination, but very hard for me. I can veer off the road and crash just fine without any distractions. I need to reattach the Gu flask to my bike and fill-r-up before my rides. Swigging out of the mini-bottle is a LOT easier than trying to rip the tiny envelope open with one hand and my teeth and then trying to roll it up like a toothpaste tube without crashing.

In other news, Annika is feeling much better since being sidelined by the tummy bug this weekend. We've re-laundered everything and will hopefully remain vomit-free for a while. And, now that basketball is in full swing, Annika wants to talk about soccer. I've already signed her up for a spring league and hopefully her interest will continue when she's actually doing the soccer.

And Dagny told me the other day that Daddy has a tail. HA! I asked her if she had a tail and and if I had a tail and she said no. I asked where Daddy's tail was and she told me "it's in him underpants." Anatomy, we can do. The potty training, not so much. I just don't know how to help her understand the feeling of "time to go" - we just skip to "I went." One day . . .


Dorothy Gould said...

Laughing out loud about Doug's "tail"! BTW, was he running along Woodstock on Sunday am? I think I saw him on my way home from Mass..bright green longsleeved shirt? not that I am a stalker or anything...

Don't worry, Dagny will get there, one day it just clicks. Emily is doing very well with getting the solid in the potty, but the tinkle is very hit or miss, mostly miss. And Michael, well apparently the potty is coated with some surface that after 2 seconds makes him leap up off of it and declare, "alldone!". I'm thinking the summer might be easeir for him.

Wes said...

I'm glad to hear that Anika is feeling better! Thanks to you and Nat I've added Leita to my desired places to run! I had no idea there was a nice trail back there!!

As far as Gu on the bike goes... PULL OVER :-) You can stop for a second ya know :-) It isn't always pedal pedal pedal ROFL!!!

Charlie said...

Wow...40 miles after a swim and then a run! Great job!

No tips on eating GU on a bike. It's easier if you can ride without holding on with both hands on a long straight flat stretch...but that takes practice! Probably safer with a bottle though.