Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doug Rules

Last week after I missed some days of exercise due to the tummy bug, I walked with my dad on Wednesday. Thursday I got up too late to go to the pool, so I decided to swim during my lunch hour. However, the meeting with the boss got postponed several times and I didn't get the time to go swim. I thought I might yoga at home but was quickly de-motivating on my drive there. Thursday is stay-up-late-and-pay-the-bills night. SIGH. Another goose egg.

Then, I walked in the door and Doug was cooking dinner. He poo-poohed my de-motivation and proceeded to tell me all about the bike trainer he bought us. I point out that it's Thursday. He said, "well, if you'd quit putzing and go pay the bills, you can ride for an hour after we give the girls their baths." So, I went down and paid the bills while he made a lovely dinner. And then, he set my bike on the trainer for me and set up a movie on the DVR for me to watch. "Edward Scissorhands." This trainer - it opens so many windows for biking. January is just not conducive to riding outside. I'm willing to ride in the 50s but 40s are questionable and 30s are just too cold. I can't keep my hands or feet warm enough. So, the trainer rocks and so does Doug.

So, you all know about my knee issues. My bike saddle was too high and it was making my knee sore. I lowered it and thought I was OK. After Thursday's ride, though, it was angry again. So angry that I had to run really slow on Friday and Saturday - with the knee brace on. I hate the knee brace!

On Sunday, I set myself up for a two hour ride while watching "Ratatoille" with Annika. Good movie, if you haven't seen it. Annika had a good time telling me what was going to happen. Then Doug came down to check out my position and said "Holy Cow! Do you always ride like that?"

"Like what"

"With your toes facing out? It looks like it really hurts"

Turns out, I ride with my right toes facing out. Just like I walk. Like a duck. On Sunday's ride, I tried to concentrate on not turning my toes out but it really hurt. My knee got very sore even though I didn't do the concentrating for the whole ride. Monday's run was short and slow and involved more neoprene. SIGH. However, my friend the internet told me that medial (that means the inside of the joint) knee pain is sometimes caused by too wide of a position on the pedals. The sites (because I looked at a million) suggested narrowing the pedal position by moving the cleat on the bottom of the cycling shoe. I did this and tested it out today. So far, so good. Cross your fingers.

And lastly, this fall Doug told me to go online and apply to be on Team Zoot/Gu. This is a promotional program by Zoot Sports (triathlon clothiers) and Gu Sports (sports nutrition sellers) where members of the team get the opportunity to represent the companies at events and buy stuff at a ridiculously good price. With Gu retailing for $1.00 per package and the average person consuming one per hour of biking, this is an awesome deal. To get on the team, you don't have to be an elite triathlete or duathlete - just an enthusiastic supporter of triathlon or duathlon and these companies. Enthusiasm, I can do. So, I got the email last night and I'm in!! Whooo! Hooray for Zoot and Gu!

But wait, there is more. Not only did Doug turn me on to the team thing and will get to share in my soon-to-be stash of cheap Gu, Gu2O and assorted gear, he also bought me a wetsuit for Christmas and we've scheduled ourselves for a race in April. Watch out for me in the cool ZOOT wetsuit. : )

In other news, we have some cute snow photos but I haven't had time to upload them. Sorry to be tardy.

And, I was so proud of myself for doing Nat's 10x100 drill at the pool today. She said you are supposed to do your 100s on 2:00 intervals and aim for 1:30 on each 100. I managed to do 1:35 for the first and last 100s and 1:38-1:40 on the others and was dying. This is a huge improvement, though, so I was congratulating myself with some water when I started talking to the guy next to me. Who can do his easy 100s in 1:10. Wow. Competition is quite the humbler.


Wes said...

Yay! Doug rocks :-) Everybody is getting a trainer except me :-( What kind did you guys get? Email if you want.

The team stuff is pretty cool too. Brian at Georgia Runs got accepted as well. If you and Doug decide to try and get in any open water swims before the April tri, please keep me in mind!

It's funny how mechanics have such an affect on our bodies, both mechanical and form. Did you ever get your bike fitted? It definitely is a good idea. Dee Dee needs to get fitted too, especially after her issues with her IT band.

Nat said...

Bionic Steph is back!
You it never occured to me that it is wrong to ride that way but I have noticed that you do stick your feet out. You know, who am I to give advice on the bike? Sorry I should be a better training partner and notice stuff and point it out.
The weather looks warmer for Monday. The bike beotches ride again?
Okay, so I guess if you are doing a tri in April the CM marathon or half isn't on your radar.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Awesome that you can now ride indoors, while watching a movie, how nice. We loved Rattatouile too, you kind of forget they are rats, until millions of them show up, and then I was squirming.

Charlie said...

Way to go Ms Stephanie!

I've been looking into those trainers too because riding on our narrow roads around here is very dangerous. Need to get some riding in if I plan on doing a multisport anytime soon.

Keep up the good training,