Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snowflakes That Melt on Your Nose & Eyelashes

At long last, here are the snow photos:

First, Dagny and me after her very first ride. She wasn't sure about the sled (really a plastic saucer), but we convinced her after Annika took a couple of rides. This isn't snow, but cute anyway. Grammie, Annika and Dagny reading books in the RV when we went to Cordele last summer.

Here are Annika and me, post ride.

Then, Dagny tells us how the snow makes her feel. HAPPY! She just kept screaming with glee.

Annika comes down the hill solo.

Annika and I on our way down. Dagny waiting at the top for her turn.

Doug took all of the photos. I tried to capture him with the girls but my photo skills are pretty rotten. I got his arm, but not much else.

No time for more reporting today. The pot roast is in the oven and I'm off to fire up the work computer to practice my presentation for Monday. It's powerpoint, with a remote. And a pointer. OK, not really on the pointer but I do have a pen flashlight in my computer bag to shine on the screen instead of standing in front of it and pointing with my hand. Think good public speaking thoughts.


Wes said...

Awwww.... Cute pics! Good luck with the public speaking. I am hyperventilating already :-)

Nat said...

Okay so this leads me to believe that you will be busy and can't ride tomorrow. Rats. Maybe Wednesday?

Paul Kindzia said...

Hey Steph, you might want to have a bike fit done. A good bike fit will try to maximize three conflicting items; comfort, aerodynamics and bike power. You might be in a good position for power but not aero or comfort. Or you might be aero but not comfortable or powerful. You also don't want to be set up where you increase the chances of injury. Cheers! Paul Kindzia

Charlie said...

All that snow in Georgia...Unbelievable! Looks like you all went to a winter resort...Looks like you all had sooo much fun!


Dorothy Gould said...

Great snow pics Steph. I agree with Charlie, it does look like we had so much more snow than we did.