Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let the Baking Begin

This is the last week of school, of Dagny's sports class, of Annika's basketball, of the garbage guys, mailman, etc before the Christmas breaks/vacations. That means only one thing - baking. Thank goodness that the room moms in both classes have collected money for the teacher's gifts. Now all I have to do is the cookies, breads, etc.

I've perused the cookbooks and recipe box and the girls and I will hit the Publix after basketball. I cut my run/walk short today because I'll be on my feet all afternoon while the girls nap. That is OK -I have learned that supportive shoes are important for long recipes. Is that silly? I don't think so. When I was pregnant, I had to put phone books on the floor to elevate one foot to relieve the pressure on my back. Compared to that, wearing cushioned shoes is nothing.

Annika is going to see "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" with my mom tonight. She is so excited, she can't stand it. :) Dagny is hanging with us while Lotzie and Mrs. Lotzie come for dinner. Dagny is not ready for prime time yet so we can't take her for an evening at their house. I think it's going to be a nice day.

All this optimism and good cheer - because I RAN TODAY. That's right - RAN. It wasn't my fastest and I'm a little stiff and will be applying the frozen peas after my shower, but still. Endorphins, you are my friend. Dooce has an excellent post this week about doing what it takes to appreciate your life. For me, that is running. And beer. If you tend towards the blues or nerves or anxiety or rage, you should read the post and the comments. Heck, you all should read it. She says what needs to be said.

Here is the report for this week:

Sun: 3.07 mile run/walk at 12:05 min pace
Mon: 26.3 mile bike with Nat. Biker B*tches are Back! We rode up to the bike store and around the Roswell route. It was a beautiful day.
Tues: 3.11 mile run/walk (mostly walk) at 11.31 min pace
Wed: 29.78 mile bike at 14.1 mph and 1.09 mile run at 9:24 pace in the flats. I rode the reverse of the ride Nat and I did on Monday and then added a loop out to Nat's folks. This is a longer bike than I thought it would be, and also faster because the 2 hrs 5 mins includes one potty break and one replacing of dropped chain. Doug was worried that I might have messed-up my chain, but I said no - it was shifter error. And I ran! Wooo! So, so happy with that.
Thurs: 2,500 yard swim. Lazy lazy 2 x 1,000 and then a 500 to finish. My shoulder was sore so I didn't attempt Nat's fast drill.
Fri: 2,500 yard swim. Shoulder didn't want to do the fast drill today either. 2 x 1,000 and then a 500 to finish. I think the first 1,000 came in under 20 mins, though, so that is something good. I've found that it takes me many laps to get warmed up and work out the kinks. Right about that time, my googles fog up. Weird.
Sat: 3.64 mile run at 10:06 min pace in the flats. Actually, I ran 3 miles at 9:30ish pace and then walked the last half mile to cool down. I replayed Doug's voice in my head so that I didn't overdo it and mess up my knee on my first run back.

Totals: 5,000 yards swimming; 56.08 miles biking; 10.91 miles run/walking. I'm very pleased with this week's activity. I'm not feeling so fat and my mood has improved greatly. : )


Wes said...

Nice to see the improvement in running is coming along :-) Biker bitches? Is that an exclusive club? LOL!!!

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Glad that you are able to run again, it makes for a much happier mommy. Supportive shoes during baking is not silly at all, I do the same thing. Are you guys going to Breakfast with Santa tomorrow at SPC? We are, and I think Mike and Kat et all will join us.

Charlie said...

Good to see you're getting your running back.

I need some cookie baking done here...want to volunteer? :o)

Happy Holidays!

Nat said...

Stop baking already and post something. Or just bring my sick fat ass some of those cookies.