Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Eat too Much

It seems like, in between presents, we cooked, ate and cleaned-up all day yesterday.

For breakfast, cereal (for me only - I love cereal), bacon, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, pineapple.

For lunch/brunch, my family came over. I thought I would share the fabulous new recipes I found to make them. Alas, Cook's Illustrated does not let you link to or even view their recipes without joining their site. I hate that, but may have to renew my subscription anyway just because these recipes were so good. If you see the Christmas baking issue of their magazine at the store, it is definitely worth buying. The menu: again with the bacon, french toast casserole with walnut topping, toasted oatmeal scones, sectioned oranges and grapefruit. Don't forget the mimosas and the tarte d'alsace from Trader Joes for appetizer. We forgot that we had bought the fruit from the kid in the band next door. It was a big surprise when the big box arrived on Friday. We've only now (after three large family events) eaten enough to put the remainder in the fridge. I managed not to slice my hand doing the grapefruit this time.

Doug has been looking forward to making Christmas dinner for weeks. Turkey (brined and roasted), stuffing with apples and walnuts (not supposed to be cornbread stuffing, but I didn't know that. oops. Shopper error), green beans, Emeril's cheddar bacon mashed potatoes and the leftover casserole from lunch for dessert. I did peel my fingers more than three times while doing the potatoes. Grammy always says that everything is better with a little blood in it.

Whew. Better start running now to get working off all of that bacon and cream!


Wes said...

Ooooh! Next year, I wanna come to brunch :-) Time to start breaking in those new knees!!

Dorothy Gould said...

I like the bacon theme. We too had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast. Glad you enjoyed your day.

TJ said...

That all sounds awesome.
Wolfgang Puck has a great brine turkey recipe I got from somewhere. We did it last year and it was very good. A bunch of work, but worth it.