Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Civic Duty

I've just finished writing my elected officials to thank them for their support or urge their support of the Flat Tax. After reading The Flat Tax Book (by Rep. John Linder and talk show host Neal Boortz) and finally finishing the voluminous paperwork necessary to send 1099s to our sub-contractors and send our tax information to our accountant (so he can actually do the tax returns), I am more in favor of tax reform than ever.

Doug and I have discussed the possible downsides and unintended consequences of a flat tax, but I still think it has to be better than the incomprehensible mess we have now. Rather than taxing income and legislating "breaks" to encourage certain behaviors, tax consumption across the board with a credit (prebate) for the tax which would be paid on the necessities. That way any increase in taxes would be transparent and won't turn into a "tax the other guy" scenario.

You, read up on this issue and write your elected officials to tell them what you think! It matters that our representatives hear from us - whether you agree with me or not.


Dogwood Girl said...

Hey, Steph. Your "flat tax" link is bad. is this different than the Fair Tax touted by Linder and Boortz? I definitely want to borrow the book.

Colin said...

Steph -- It's the Fair Tax, not the Flat Tax. There actually is a real difference, it's not made up like literary theory. And here's a link that should work:

I've written to my Congressman and Senators. For the Congressman wrote back and seems to support it (but I still will never vote for him...he's an environmental pariah) and I've only heard back from one of my Senators, Elizabeth Dole, and she does not support it.