Sunday, February 12, 2006


On Friday, after Mexican, I put Dagny down in her car-carrier while I took care of some business. She hates the carrier and immediately began getting agitated and searching for something with her eyes. She moved her head and eyes from side to side - sweeping the room, until she found me and smiled.

It completely made up for the fact that she woke every 2 hrs to eat during the night.

In other news, she had bottles (with no fussing at all) on Thursday and Friday. One was formula and one was breastmilk, but they were both very warm so maybe that was the difference. You'd think we would have figured this crap out by now, but apparently not.

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Dogwood Girl said...

Congrats on the bottles. We (I) are currently enjoying the staredowns that Matilda gives me. She is infatuated with me and finds me where ever I am in a room. We are calling her my stalker.