Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here Comes the Rain Again

The rain came in this morning, but not fast enough to prevent me from getting my run in. Dagny was up from 2-4am (eating and then we had booger issues) so I was dragging this morning but I got her up at 6:40 (she was grumbling, but not fully awake yet), fed her and put her back down. Doug held down the fort while I sallied forth into the drizzle.

Luckily, we went to the mall yesterday to meet Camille so I managed to FINALLY get a new battery for my watch. Hooray! I timed the run today and did my 2.8 mile loop in 27 minutes (approximately - because I forgot to push start until I was on my way up the hill). Ten minute miles - not bad for a woman who has not exercised regularly in 6/7 months. I don't know if running once or twice a week this past month counts or not. Regardless, today is the first day of getting back into better shape. : ) My world record for the 2.8 mile loop is 22 minutes, 25 minutes for the 3.2 mile one so I've got a long way to go, but under 10 minute miles is a huge victory.

The light rain was not unpleasant and it was warm enough that I didn't freeze. Amazing what good the humidity will do for a stuffy nose/head. Natalie said that she finds good stuff on her runs, but I found only a bolt and a screw and a smashed battery. The nut and screw went into the storm drains because I couldn't carry them and I didn't want anyone to cut a tire, but I left the battery.

Wow, I've missed my runs. Those endorphins really make the rest of the day easier. I was able to prepare and schlep both girls to two birthday parties today without losing my temper once.

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Nat said...

I think that is a great time! I was similar after both pregnancies. You'll meet your goal in no time--it is just finding the time.

I did the birthday party circuit today too and I am pooped. No run for me today, tomorrow. . .