Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Outside the Range

This is my dad holding our niece, Sophie. She is a darling girl.

So I joined up at myspace so that I could see my sister Emily's page and because my friend Anne suggested that it was fun to find folks from the past. Well, clearly I am too old for myspace. I posted the poncho photo of me and Dagny but very little else. When I looked in my high school, there were no people older than 31. It was very neat to see all of the photos of Annika, Sophie and Dagny on Emily's page, though. In the midst of all of this blast-from-the-pasting, I found an old boyfriend via Google (he was quoted in a newspaper article). Apparently, the man I dated before Doug (we affectionately called him Butthead) is now married and has a baby daughter. He was a pilot, but quit that because of Delta's troubles and now sells real estate. Interesting.

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Dogwood Girl said...

way to become a stalker.