Monday, February 06, 2006


I'm not a good runner. I love to run and it makes me mentally and physically better, but I'm not fast and not pretty. Think about a fast-moving upright turtle - that's me.

My friend Natalie, however, is both fast and beautiful to watch. She runs like a little kid - even when pushing her kid uphill in the stroller. Anyway, Natalie can run a marathon and she generally kicks ass. Whenever I am trying to go faster or run better, I think to myself "run like Natalie". You can read Natalie's blog here.

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Nat said...

I am so flattered and thanks for linking my blog. But you, my friend, run just as fast as me and I think you look pretty damn fabulous doing it.

Today on my run, I thought: I run, therefore I am.

Half the time it doesn't feel all that great but it always does after. You just can't beat the endorphins.