Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another Cool Blog

This afternoon, Doug and I watched the Pillsbury Bake-Off on the Food Network while the girls napped. The lady who won has a cookie blog where she posts recipes (and photos) of all of the goodies that she makes. How cool is that?

On the running front, only two days of running this week. That's a grand total of 5.6 miles, not counting warm-up/cool-down walking. Very disheartening. I'm getting concerned that I won't be in-shape enough for the BIG RACE that is coming up in July and the longer race that I wanted to attempt for Thanksgiving, forgetaboutit! While I wasn't running, I found a lot of cool running blogs - you can find them here. Since I'm really turning into Vera and the bake-off made me cry, I felt free to post lots of encouraging comments to the other bloggers.

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Dogwood Girl said...

Who is Vera? If you haven't done so, maybe you could tell Doug that you need more time to meet your running goals. We moms don't have much, we need to ask for what we need. (I need to take my own advice, too.)