Friday, June 09, 2006

The Glamorous Life

Some glamorous tidbits so you can share in the excitement:

1. A shopping trip might be required (SIGH - I hate shopping) when you have to touch-up your shoes with magic marker before going to work.

2. If your laptop keeps overheating and freezing up, pencils under each corner will help it stay cool. Pencils are better than pens because they have sides and don't roll around when you type.

3. Smoothies are not so hard to make and are a good way to use up the berries going bad in the fridge. Annika is not convinced.

4. When eyes are too tired for contacts and glasses are required, the sunglasses can be applied directly OVER the regular glasses.

5. Magic marker mentioned in #1 comes off if you have to chase the dog across the dew-soaked yard.

6. My parents are thinking about moving into our neighborhood. It will be good, I know it will.

Not so glamorous, but very fun news is that Dagny appears to have learned to sit up by herself. I did not see it happen, but when I went to get her out of the crib, there she was - smiling at me.

Annika has roseola so she feels crappy and we can't go anywhere where little kids might be. I know I've said it before, but I really don't mind staying home except that it is hard to get errands done. All of the rush-around pressure is gone.

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Dorothy Gould said...

I enjoyed reading your glamorous comments, so true of motherhood. Sophie feels the same way about "gone bad" fruit as Annika. That is great about Dagny sitting up, I am sure she enjoys seeing the world from a different viewpoint.