Friday, June 16, 2006

No Sugar?

So, I've been keeping up with the very cool lunches on The Vegan Lunchbox (currently out for summer break) and have learned some neat recipes and food ideas. The lady that writes the lunchbox is currently writing about her battle to kick sugar on her personal blog using the Eat to Live plan. I think my link to the personal blog might be to the comments, which is fine because I've been thinking a lot of things along the lines of what vibrantredhead said.

I've got nothing against anyone who wants to eat healthier or more nutrient-rich food; a diet is a personal thing. However, at what point does a diet cease to be about the food or the body and become a "lifestyle"? Less and less people are going to church these days and more folks are embracing alternative food strategies. Coincidence? Is it really so different to omit all sugar, salt and gluten from your diet on the advice of one doctor than to hear a sermon from a priest, minister or rabbi and then sacrifice meat/tithe/fast/etc?

I'm not saying that I eat the healthiest diet or that I even know what that would be, but it seems to me that so many people (especially those with books and/or memberships to sell) are willing to tell us that they have THE ANSWER and it has to do with complete rejection of various food types. And people buy in because we are just looking for someone to show us the way.

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Lotzie said...

More rice pudding please!