Sunday, June 11, 2006

Teach the Children Well

A friend of my youngest sister is in professional school at my alma mater. This past year someone in her class posted on her blog a diatribe about her professor - using vulgarity and generally being ugly. As Emily related her friend's description of the prof, I realized it was someone I knew and respected.

I've been thinking a lot about this incident (long past, now) but how do you teach your kids to have respect for others and behave like good citizens? Yes, lead by example, but my parents tried to do that and I was still self-absorbed, shallow, and immature. How much "life-wisdom" can you tell your kids and expect it to sink in?

Education has been a hot topic amongst the moms lately on our forum and on Dogwood Girl's blog. Seems like we have all had the crappy teacher or professor here or there, but no one ever says, "hey - I learned a lot from Dr. X or Mr. Y or Prof. Q". So, I may not have learned much of the subject at hand, but following are the names of some folks who gave of themselves and taught me something whether I wanted to learn it or not:

Bob Brussack
Paul Kurtz
Kathleen B. Adams
Heather Biola
Michael Wells
Neil Nichols
Ray Phillips
Brown Russell
Ken Simpson
Dorothy Lewis


Kat or Mike said...

great approach to the issue; though it is sad, sometimes you have to think of how people make it through less than spectacular education systems and still do well-exceptional teachers are a great beginning and they do exist-
Prof. Tom Polk UGA
Prof. Andrew Ladis UGA
Prof. Linda Landis UGA
Mr. Arthur Manardi- Holy Spirit Elementary School

Dorothy Gould said...

Glad you took the time to post the teachers who made an impact on you. I agree with Mike regarding Mr Manardi, he taught probably all of us Maiers, and was excellent. I would add:
Mrs. Morris-Holy Spirit
Sarah Reed-Pequannock Township High School
Russ Irving-PTHS
Frank Mento-PTHS
Dr Gordon Long- Ga. College

Grey said...

Go Mr. Nichols!