Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Noodling and Running

In the last two days, I've read an article about urging me to be my "best" at everything I do and also discovered that a friend from college is a member of a secular religious order and leads pilgrimages to Italy in his spare time.

The article hacked me off because I am defensive about doing too many things and nothing terribly well, and then I just felt inadequate when I read about the religious order. Am I doing enough to be a good mother to my girls? Am I doing enough work on my non-office days? Am I supporting Doug enough in his work? Am I keeping our business and house affairs in order? Am I doing enough to be a good catholic? (probably not, since the priest remarked to the deacon after we said hello at church on Sunday, "who is that woman? I've never seen her. Does she come to church?")

I don't have the answers. It's easy for me to think that I'm doing plenty of things and doing them well enough. Then again, it's a sure bet that I could be doing more, but better . . . maybe not so much. It's easy to exhort others to do their best, but really I think it boils down to choices. There are only so many hours in the day - maybe I can make better choices on what to do with my hours.

In the non-noodling section, I made a new post-Dagny world record for around the block - 23:42 (8.46 minutes per mile). This was due to some good tunes and the fact that I had to catch up to and pass "the running lady" who was in front of me on my first big hill.


Dogwood Girl said...

You know one thing you are obviously good at? Being a guilty Catholic. :-)

Just kidding. No one can do everything and do it all well. Just try to excel at the really important stuff (mom, wife, friend.) You are doing well at those, in my opinion.

Steph Bachman said...

That's why Doug was not so hip on the whole catholic thing. To be fair, though, I was just as guilty when we were methodist.

Grey said...

Pace yourself. You can't do everything at once, or change everything at once. The important things will take care of themselves. The rest is just background noise.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I have to say that i agree wholeheartedly with annie and grey. You have chosen your priorites, wife, mother, friend,and from what i know of you from your blog and thru mike and kat, you are doing a great job at all three. i know it is tempting to add more on when you read about people who are so involved, but at what cost? I look at it this way: when my kids are in school full time,then i will have more time to volunteer, keep a neater house, etc. for right now, getting thru the day with happy, healthy children is a big enough accomplishment! :)

friar minor said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment over at my blog! And by the way, your deacon's comments say more about his being rude than anything else