Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Emperor's New Dry Cleaner

So, I always wondered about the dry cleaners - whether they really tried to clean the clothes or not, because it seemed like they weren't actually washing my clothes. Granted, I'm a sweater, so my clothes need to be washed more than the average girl, but . . . I thought I was just going to the "wrong" cleaners because they would come back stinky.

Recently, my current cleaner (which I really like) gave me a beautifully pressed shirt that had dried baby food on the cuffs. If they WASHED it before they pressed it, wouldn't the baby food come off? I think so. I've often noticed the lack of washing with the dry-cleaned items, but I thought that the shirts (cotton, button down) and slacks were at least laundered. NOPE. What is the point of the cleaners if you have to wash your shirts before sending them so you can spend $4 ($0.98 for men) for them to iron them. Stupid.

I'm going to have to make time to iron, now. Ugh.


Nat said...

IDK, I usually point out the stains and they at least seem to come back without the stain. Granted though, I don't take much to the cleaners.

That said I went to one cleaners and once one of my dresses came back smelling horrible! Like bad, bad BO horrible. I am convinced someone that worked there wore it. I never went back.

Steph Bachman said...

Perhaps it sat in the same hamper with someone else's BO clothes before they sprayed the chemicals on it. OR, if they really do put the dry cleaned clothes in a vat of dry cleaning solution, perhaps it went into the vat with the stinky stuff. I've had white blouses come back gray but I always assumed the stinky ones were just me . . .

Kara said...

Steph, you know what industry I work in, so trust me on this. Dry cleaning does not get rid of body odor. Period. Dry cleaning solution works best on oily stains as it's an oil based product; that's why you have to point stains out so they can be pre-treated. I'm not excusing your cleaner for giving you back dirty clothes, but those are the facts.

By the way, a little theatre trick for keeping body odor down in clothes is spraying them with vodka. I'm not kidding. Just get the cheap stuff. And unfortunately there are just some fabrics that will never release that smell - nylon, cheap rayon, acrylic.