Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today was my first outing alone with Annika since Dagny was born. Since the party was during Dagny's nap, I called our favorite high school sitter and off we went to a birthday party at Monkey Joes. It was great fun; we slid down every slide, went through every maze, and jumped to our hearts' content. I am whipped and will be sore tomorrow, but I think Annika had a good time and enjoyed the one on one attention.

After the party, we went by the bank for cash and then to the Loft to buy Grammie a birthday present. Our errands completed, we breezed into Learning Express to browse the toys before heading home. As Annika perused the wind-up toys by the register, I noticed large plastic bins full of toys on shelves above the counter; they were labeled with kids' names, ages and the words "wish list". No way, I thought. Since my transformation into my mother is nearly complete, I turned and asked the total strangers next to me, "are those registries for kids' birthdays?" "Yes," they replied. Unable to contain myself, I blurted, "oooohhhhh, that is TACKY."

Now, I'm not Emily Post or any kind of arbiter of style or manners, but how disgusting that people create a birthday registry for 4-6 year olds. Frankly, I'd rather not have kids obligated to bring our kids gifts to their parties at all, but a registry? Gross. It's ugly enough that we do stuff like that for weddings, but I can understand the whole "creating a new household" theory. There is no excuse for a kids birthday registry.

All the more reason to stick with our neighborhood toy store, which has all of the same toys anyway (plus the cool Melissa & Doug toys) and gives me personalized present advice instead of the "two-year-old toys" signs. And, they have snappers, which, I learned while searching for a link to describe them, are legal in Georgia. : )


Dorothy Gould said...

I couldn't agree with you more. When I realized what you did while at Learning Express a few months ago, I just stood there shaking my head. Another way of teaching our kids that the world revolves around them. We too love Storyhouse Toys, since Zainy Brainy closed, it is our favorite toy store. They have the most Melissa and Doug I have ever seen. Plus it is right next to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants!

Dogwood Girl said...

I totally agree. I just read an article about this and i was completely disgusted. This borders on the worst "Registry Transgression" story i have ever heard: A friend of mine received an invitation to a wedding shower. Not just any shower, but a GIFT CARD shower. That's right - The guests were instructed that the groom would like to receive gift cards from Home Depot, while wifey wanted gift cards from Williams and Sonoma or Rich's. I was horrified. If they were my friends, I would have cut them off, embarrassed to even know them. My more tactful friend showed her displeasure by purchasing whatever the hell she wanted, wrapping it up, and telling them she felt actual gifts were so much more personal.

People disgust me.