Thursday, June 15, 2006

What Kind of Fool?

Annika has camp this week so on my non-office days, Dagny and I are on our own. Today we trekked to Sams Club for the essentials. $300 later, we will never run out of dishwasher soap, liquid dish soap, trash bags, formula, black ink for the printer or chicken breasts. Unfortunately, we were already stocked on all of the listed items except the formula and the chicken. We needed colored ink instead, but I can pick that up when I return to Sams Club for diapers and wipes next week.

Anyway, as if the ridiculously "not what we needed" shopping weren't silly enough, I discovered (after I removed the poopy diaper) that my diaper bag contained NO DIAPERS. So, Dagny rode home commando.

One day I'm going to get it together.


Nat said...

I just say no to Sam's and BJ's. I get so damn confused by all the oversized stuff that I always forget to buy what I came for and like you end up with $300 of stuff I really didn't even need nor have the space to put it in.

Dorothy Gould said...

This must be how they make their $$, the last time I was there I too spent in the $300.00 range, but I did manage to remember the diapers and formula. The samples are one of Sophie's favorite parts, but I find the store hard to naviagate, and the brands fluctuate too much for me to do much "grocery" shopping there. But, like you, we now have at least a year's supply of laundry soap and plastic bags!