Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dagny and the bike

Here is a photo of Dagny from our playground visit on Monday. For some reason, it only migrated from my phone through my email today, even though I sent it only seconds after taking the photo. You can see the shiner she got from running into the table in Grammie/Grampa's RV.

Dagny starts preschool next month. Because her birthday is in October, she is in the 18 month class instead of the 2 year old class - even though she will turn two right after school starts. So, I've been worrying that she will kick the asses of the other students. Have you met Dagny? She is delightful but very demanding and you won't ever take advantage of her. This is good but I've been very concerned about her running roughshod over a bunch of younger children who aren't the "second child." Dagny's teacher called last week and I told her my concerns. No worries, she said - all but two kids in the class will be two before the end of October. And, her daughter was similar in temperament at home but was an angel at school. I like this woman already.

Doug kept this girls this evening so I could go on the NAMS group ride. We rode 20 hilly miles after the rain (!) and then some of us ran a bit. I ran with one of the other women, but had to cut my run short because I had to go potty. Stupid GI tract. On the bike, I have no idea how fast we went, because I forgot my Garmin but I only dropped my chain once so it was a good ride. My front deraileur is still messed up (though it worked perfectly when Doug and I were testing it yesterday) so I stayed mainly in the small ring because it wouldn't jump up. Then, when I tried to wrench it up there, it fell right on over the edge - DOH! I learned that it sucks to be the slow one because while everyone waits for you at the turns (it's a no-drop ride), you don't get a chance to rest there. I don't rest on my solo rides, anyway so I don't know why I thought I would get to here.

Good news, I found the missing pad from my bike helmet! It was attached to one of my gloves - no more abraded forehead or kleenex in my hat. Whooo!

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Dorothy Gould said...

I had the same thought process about mine, they are 2 in October as well. Luckily, the rest of the class is about the same age. But you are right, your second child is so much different going into preschool than #1. You can pick out the seconds right away. They are the ones unfazed by the other kids.