Saturday, August 11, 2007


This is the last photo of Dagny with her intact front tooth. She and Annika were playing this afternoon and suddenly there was crying and the tooth was broken again. Dammit.

I said bad words really loud and I'll be calling the dentist on Monday to see if he thinks we should bother re-fixing it or not.

In other news, while walking Annika into church last week, she asked "Mom, what's a tomboy?" Hm. That is a hard question.

"Well," I stalled while I thought about it, "it's kind of an outdated saying from when girls didn't get to do so much fun stuff as boys." "Yeah, but what is a tomboy?" she asked. So, I expounded at length (just like my Dad would have done) about how a long time ago girls didn't like to play sports or run around outside or yell or wear pants and how people called girls who did that "tomboys." And how now, girls and boys both like to do all of that stuff so it doesn't really mean anything. Annika listened politely while holding my hand and walking as fast as she could (we were late, again).

"Yeah, but what's a TOMBOWYEE?" she said when I was done.

"I just explained."


"A what?"

"TOMBO WEE!! (thinking - Geez mom, you are so stupid)"

Tumbleweed. She was saying tumbleweed.

She didn't want social commentary, she wanted to talk about rolling across the prairie. So we talked about that and why they roll (roundness) and that was the end of that.

But I never really realized that the word tomboy was antiquated until I tried to explain it. How cool is that?


Dee Dee said...

Steph we got pics of you guys today at the race but want your permission to use them in my guest blog if that okay just send wes a shout!!!! Grest to meet u guys and thanks for the rockin shout out along the race!!! You guys are running animals!!!

Nat said...

Race report! Race report! Race report! work smork. This stuff is waayyy more important! I had a great time with you yesterday and it was so fun to do a race with you! I can't wait for the next.